Ready to Live X – VI

DSC_4379Here I’ve almost finished the painting, and am astounded at the magic of both geometry and mathematics, completely random, in the sketch. There is one stripe left on the right, and there are four remaining on the left. Perfect. I think I have enough yellow and mixed paint to make that work.

Hey, I’ve been doing this thing called making a “Happy Brush” with my brush lately. Now that I relay it to you, it makes me think of the bushy-headed most revered and most excellent deceased public access painter dude … see this is what we older people do when we no longer remember names of people … anyway … him … it reminds of him, the happy brush technique name


so I fill the brush with paint, by moving it this way and that way until the brush is full of paint, then I remove the excess so that it’s not dripping, by moving it on the palette in a dry space, and then no matter what direction I move on the canvas … I have paint, but not too much … but only for so much time … but it’s not dripping, see? it’s a balance of time and paint … oh, ’tis a lovely thing for filling in spaces and making lines, and having control … just thought I pass this new thing on.

Yesterday no blog because I had/have a severe cramp/crick on the right side of my neck. I almost passed out several times yesterday from it and really had to take it easy. And also with the enormous back pain. So. Rest.

Yesterday in counseling we relieved me of all kinds of worries about the hospital stay and recuperation that I had already taken on so that was good. Silly things that I needn’t worry myself about. Normal to be worried. Almost passed out in the waiting room for counseling.

Today still with both. But painted. Back is pinching on top of that and headache now so to bed with me. O well.

Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, Forbidden City. Yah.


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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