Ready to Live XI Sketch



DSC_4384There is the line of Earth/Mountain forming the base in two waves, and then there is a Chrysanthemum! I used the Anthropologie printed velvet bed sham for the design but could not do it literally. Thankfully for the original artist of the print for the bed sham, I made my own design from my own volition as I felt so moved from studying, her/his design at length.

I say thankfully, for who wants to be copied at rote. I mean even when I paint from fotos of Nature, my own sixties funky Poppy flippy wavy gravy comes through. I can’t help myself. Heh.

There is also a bit of the ornamental cabbage to this. I will work on this. 😛

Counseling today — how very very auto pilot am I. How very phoning it in am I. How vast amounts of me are not showing up for the day, yet someone is functioning, brushing the teeth, albeit differently each day, ghosting, driving. Space Girl, Rag Doll. Hosts. Ida know.

The other day, Saturday, I raced suddenly to paint, and on the way did not recognize my home. Who is painting, I thought. Ida know, I thought back, but the paint will not dry up while I figure that out. Right.

Ugh. I don’t like it but I suppose when I’m in too much pain I recess, recede.

I suppose I’m writing with a sort of newscaster remote to you. This just in.

Costs have gone up for framing, by the way. From what six months ago would have been about $50 for a 9×13 print, to $95. I’ve paid $85 for a 11×20. Yikes. I hesitate to think what my larger prints, which I do for shows usually, would cost. And that estimate of $150 for a 22×30 pastel from six months ago, right — eep! I was going to try to get a pastel framed for the Open House as a demo. Hmm.

No worries.

So I have some kind of strange vascular rash on my back on the left so I’m going to the doctor this afternoon. I don’t know if it’s the heating pad or related to the rib stuff I dealt with some weeks ago. I don’t want any weirdness before the surgery and neither does my doctor so they said to come in before the pre-op on the 12th.

So to rest me before then. Without the heating pad, which I’ve put away for the time being, just in case it was that?



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