Ready to Live XI – IV

DSC_4397I have almost completed painting the outer petals with the now mid-pink. I decided to enliven the center with lime. Ahhh, the little flame is quite happy there.

I also added the base of darkest red there, almost pendulum-like, with the trance I found in painting it. See, the original sketch was not centered, so I found the center thataway.

Not sure if the center petals will be dark or light. Hmmm. Studying upon it.

We are loving this beautiful Spring day so much. The door is open to the porch and I wore a sleeveless maxi, French stripe blue and natural, Dansko black mid-heels, to get my hairs cut, glory.

No longer feel so middle aged in the mirror, so.

Thank you, Nahid, the hair dresser, oh.

We also redeemed Victoria’s Secret coupons for long-sleeved cotton pjs pale pink and white stripe, which I came home to change into. Perfect for you, Jason said. I thought they would be good for the surgery time, well, the pants, for it will be hot then. Tee shirts and the pink stripe. Yes. Very easy to manipulate with the back there. I think.

And a turquoise short sleeved v neck vintage tee on sale at JCrew, had sold immediately in my size on line. Found it last on the rack in the sale rack this morning. Yes. Thinking of color combos with my fun shorts, oh. Silly me. Yes.


Under budget I was.

Tomorrow for shipping the framed work to Atlanta and Tuesday two appointments, Thurs and Friday an appointment each. Next week quite clear.

Jason’s Mom will come stay with us for some time post surgery to help me walk Chipper, et al. This is some relief, although when she had a dizzy spell outside Atlantis, I said, We’ll be a pair walking Chipper after the surgery. Who will be holding up who?

Feeling an inkling that I am returning to my life, that it is more attainable to be present, more endurable. We shall see. Only an inkling, like a flicker. I am in some sort of cave amongst the others, where we hide out, staying warm next to the boiler, in the boiler room. Some kind of old ship? And I absolutely detest the high seas, especially at night. Heh, great.

But loving that my hair is cut. I can’t tell you. Why my outside is so important. I apologize, but I care. I am definitely part of the cult of youth. One of my friends, a shaman, posted a photo of two old friends or lovers, partners, very close, and possibly kissing, but definitely cuddling — full of expressionful wrinkles and love. That was very good to see.

I love my laugh lines and smirk lines, quirk lines, hee. I have to remember to smile at all times. Hee. Again with the vanity. Because I look better. Who doesn’t look better when smiling.

Another reason to release so much pain. To work through these physical challenges.

You must think me the superficial shell.

There is a part of me that is Kitty, the dresser, the bangle and fashionista who worries about undereye circles to no avail.

There is a part of me that studies Buddhism and laughs at Kitty and will survive her, love her and hold her close through to the end when she cries over her silly looks.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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