New Buddha

DSC_4427First of all, this Cardinal says Hi.

Secondly, Jason found this Buddha garden statue for an amazing price when we were getting our humble garden flowers and herbs yesterday, and got it for me. Now it graces the bedroom bookshelf, where I can see it while I’m meditating in bed. It calms and inspires me.


DSC_4422See how lovely it is? Truly …

No painting today, yesterday or Friday. Friday of course due to the Boston manhunt, I found myself literally paralyzed and unable to do anything but snuggle into bed with Chipper and wait …

Yesterday was so much better …. with so much relief … along with everyone else I’m sure … I planted our new garden of salmon geraniums and cinnamon tiny petunias, dusty miller, herbs and creepers, a humble garden for a humble budget, with my back brace on … then went for a walk with my friend with her toddler in a stroller and was quite wiped out.

Today we are cleaning house as thoroughly as possible in preparation for Jason’s Mom’s stay, who will help care for me post-surgery. I switched out the woolen skirts for lighter ones finally, again with the back brace on, we washed the cream flannel sheets and now they tumble in the dryer. Jason’s making dinner for the week: roasted chicken breasts, cauliflower, yellow squash, corn …

We are exhausted, both aching. 🙂

Chipper follows us anxiously from room to room. Today for the first time I began to tell him about what will happen, so his stress level has risen. He’s seen my go away bags and knows something is up, knows we are cleaning for Granma, he knows.

My pain level — off the charts, my friends. Nothing like it will be. I keep focusing on a care package for my bag for the hospital — moisturizer, perfume, what else? I won’t need much but I keep thinking of little things like that. I look forward to my first real shower. I languish in my last baths. The base of my skull is wound UP. It will all be fine in time.

Such a beautiful day. The flowers survived the plantings, being tucked in extra specially with my hands and the trowel, none in shock, which can happen. Some are even already spreading out and jumping up with … Joy? Yes. That’s what you like to see. I saw so many neighbors while I was planting yesterday. One said, You really have the knack for gardening. I said, Oh, I have learned the hard way, that’s for sure. It takes time. It took time and practice.

Okay. In so much pain, dears, but I wanted to check in with you since it had been a few days. Just know I’m hanging in. Doing my best. Looking forward. Prepared. Thank you for your good thoughts at this time. And the best to you! Always! 🙂 Namaste …



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2 Responses to New Buddha

  1. milkyminx says:

    Congratulations on your new Buddha meditation assistant, Amy. It sounds like you’ve got the right measure of calm and determination to make it through in fine form. May all be well with you.//mm

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