Ready to Live XII – III







First of all, the NEWS! I am honored to be a specially featured entrant of See.Me’s  EXPOSURE photography contest, as of today! This was the huge news I could not spill yesterday. Woo!

Now, what you can do, is VOTE for my submission, and I can win money for investment in my photography, and possibly a trip to Paree? So that would be very nice of you, if you would. The link is also on the front of my website, for easy reference. 🙂 Hooray! Eh? Yes.

DSC_4438Today I set myself to painting the skye. Yes. I mixed up more of the blue because I was flat out. What fun! I do enjoy the mixing, yes I do.

Then I studied the Maxfield Parrish piece again. His mountains are pink in the background. In that light, (hee) I decided that mine should pop as well, be in the Sun as it were. So I mixed up a new lime, not the same as before, if you can tell, maybe not, but it’s not the same as on the trees.

Then it was time to leave for the pre-operative pedicure, as luck and fortune would have it.

In enormous pain. What’s new there? I don’t think I can name something that doesn’t hurt. I think it all relates to a) the lower back and b) the stress I’m under and c) TMJ? Sigh. I’m coping exceedingly well with the extra Abilify I must say, however. Somewhat like I’ve had an enormous amount of coffee? Jazzy squirrel? Kind of like that. But able to sleep. Go figure.

Saw the psychiatrist this morning and she was her usual low-key, calm self. She wished me a “nice” time with the surgery and recuperation and I laughed really hard at that. Then she tried to find a more appropriate word while I forgave her. Too funny.

I finished Sherwood Anderson. If you must read ONE poem of his, let it be Machine Song. Ohmigah. He writes of the sound or the tone or the note that the car makes at certain speeds on the road. How the fields in Illinois have a certain note, different from Tennessee and Kansas. It’s just brilliant and I cannot do it justice here. Go deh.

So I’m off to the thick Seamus Heaney anthology and I could NOT be more delighted to bring him along with me for my journey into back surgery and recuperation. Ahhh. Thank you, for the timing, eh? Wow.

Spring is absolutely popping out all over. Cool in the mornings and delightfully, teasingly warmish in the afternoons and evenings. Cotton sweater weather. I almost wore the cotton pink pants this morning, almost, I tell you, but opted for all white — terry pants (ohsocomfy), short-sleeved ruffled tee, long-sleeved linen sweater, Teva (oh how I love the company!) flip flops with the tiniest pink sparkle detail. Silly me.

Tomorrow I may dress up as I will on the weekend. Kind of a last gasp of dressing up, you know, Kitty. Heh. And why the hell not. Let her have a little fun. Soon enough, in June or so, I can get into my waistbands, my little skirts and shorts and stuff — how I love this season.

I abound with silliness. What surgery? See what I mean about the Abilify?

I’ll stop there for now. Thank you for your abundant patience and listening powers.


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