Ready to Live XII – IV

DSC_4441This afternoon I could not determine what shade of green to paint the second mountain at all. I didn’t really WANT to paint it, either. So, I turned to the Earth, which, oddly enough I was really excited about painting.

It required a lot more energy than I remembered, but that’s okay. I just have less to give today. No worries. A labor of love, for sure.

I started from the left, mixing Burnt Umber and Burnt Sienna for the darker brown stripes, and leaving Red Oxide for the redder ones. Now, I did add the tiniest highlights of Naples Yellow to the Red Oxide stripes. Between all the stripes is Mars Black.

When I was done, I took off my reading glasses, without which I can no longer paint, and used the Mars Black to balance the painting within the stripes, giving it angles and shadows. I may do more highlighting and depth work there, as I do, to finish the painting.

Tomorrow, the second mountain, and I will have finished the twelfth painting in the series before the surgery! woo!

Today we went to the hospital to pay the five hundred dollars (eep!) for the hospital stay, and to get the “type and screen” for my blood/work.

I now have a pinkish bracelet to wear until Monday am, with my name and birthday handwritten in there, not to get wet, mind you. Ahem. Hee. No worries. I keep thinking I have a cobweb on my right arm.

In fact, I keep feeling like I have cobwebs on me. Agh. ‘Tis the season.

Both Jason and I have had a headache for most of the day. Stress. Lovely, but we are coping.

Chipper is staying very close. He knows. I told him again yesterday so I can help him cope while I’m still home. I want to help. I took him for a walk today and he walked exceedingly slow. I let him. It was awesome. Mid-day.

Tomorrow we go to celebrate Jason’s Mom’s birthday at an Indian restaurant in Alexandria, her choice. Yesterday I got a lovely planted container garden for her. I had a great conversation in Spanish with a lady who works at the nursery. Your Spanish is so good — it’s great that you know Spanish! It is so rare for me to actually hold a conversation in the language, though. Maybe because I read the Latin American poetry anthology so recently I was more up — but I am biblically tongue-tied. Even in college. Bad. Oh well. It was awesome to be able to converse and feel comfy.

Well, gotta run — time to fill my pill box with Jason. He takes care of my meds for me since August. You know why, right? What a relief. Anyway, we fill the box together now, all thirteen pills, now, fourteen with the 2.5 mg of extra Abilify. I’m blessed. Take care and I’ll chat on the morrow. Happy Saturday! Happy Spring! 🙂


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