Ready to Live XII Finitti

readytolive12I mixed what I was going for — a special “bluegrass” green this afternoon. Starting with Chromium Green, I added Phthalo (sp?) Blue (Green Shade) until it tipped for me into the bluegrass I was looking for, then I popped it, so it would pair well with its fellow lime mountain, with Titanium White and Hansa Yellow, just enough.

Folks, I had no more time for balancing. See the surgery is tomorrow, and for my Summer show, hanging on June 16th, at Maplewood Park Place art gallery, I had to create a list of images, etc. this weekend, i.e., TODAY for mailing tomorrow. Could not be avoided. Alas and sigh. Perhaps I shall revisit the painting at a later and more recuperated date, and repost to the web. I shall let you know, or you shall later say, hey, this is somewhat different than before. A nice surprise.

We had a lovely, for lovely is the height of things, is it not?, time at Aroma Indian Restaurant for Arlene’s birthday today. She loved all of her gifts and it was great to be with everyone again.

I have had a combination sinus/stress headache all day and could care. I am so ready for the surgery. The clock ticks along in the most delightful way, does it not, today?

Seamus Heaney is beyond delightful to read, btw. Started him on Friday and I’m am beyond a fan — I am eating him. I feel a deep belonging, a deep inspiration and stirring of my writer in my soul’s roots, as a fellow Irish person, which is to say, my DNA. Hello. More to come on him, but just know his Opened Ground accompanies me to the hospital and through the recuperation … what a world treasure he is …

Okay. I will not be able to post for some time, but if you are my friend on Facebook, I will be posting from the hospital tomorrow night, post-surgery, so, there’s that. If not … please be patient, and know that I will get back to as soon as I possibly can, because I do miss our chats so much, and I do miss creating so much, the pull of the waves is very very strong, I must say. I will be well, and all will be well with me. Faith and a very good team all ’round are with me, rest assured. But, just in case, send your very best wishes, should you be of a mind and heart … hee … couldn’t hurt? Namaste … and be well ’til we chat again! 🙂


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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