Ready to Heal …

In fact, I am doing it every day. Healing, progressing, quickly and slowly.

I got back from the hospital on Thursday early afternoon with Jason and his Mom Arlene. The car is not good for me now, with its bumpy bumps. We will try to go to the plant nursery next weekend.

Yesterday I walked under the cherry trees with Jason’s Mom and somewhat overdid it. It felt so good. Today I’m still paying for it. That’s how it goes, how I learn. That was two short laps around the fountain. Will try again maybe Monday or Tuesday. Put my toes back in the water as it were.

Okay, stepping back to the story of the surgery. I have truly passed through hell on Earth. We had no idea that Delaudid the pain blocker and I are not good friends, at all. Had we known, we should have used Morphine, to which I’ve had no reactions. I had the somewhat normal reaction of rising itching and pouring body sweats, but the delirium and hallucinations I got triggered an alter that was hypercritical and also ilicited an alter that “heard” 10-15 voices of non-nurse types in the hall as critics, blackmailers, framers, prosecuters. FOR DAYS. Not until mid-day yesterday did I absolutely accept that no one was coming to arrest me. I called security 4 times or something. I yelled at the closed door in my room at them.

However, for the nurses I loved, loved them, thank you, I’m sorry to trouble you, thank you, for everything. They were awesome.

Meanwhile, in the first few days I had massive and sudden triggered muscle spasms when I would try to get in and out of bed or use the bathroom. Yow doesn’t express it. I have never ever experienced that kind of pain in my life. Nothing compares to U. So I cried out, as someone who doesn’t. I cried despite my best efforts upon receiving my first ever walker, walking my first steps as requested and sitting in a chair, then being told to remain seated for a few hours a day. Trooper couldn’t help but cry. The nurses rushed in with another shot of Delaudid. How could they know not to?

I sat up for hours each day. I did as I was told, took the unfamiliar meds in each cup, as offered. The meds were generics because they were cheaper, and they were off. I didn’t really feel right until yesterday. Clarity. Oh how I love thee.

I don’t know if I accurately described Hell. ?

Anyway … ha.

Making progress at home. Jason has gone to take his Mom home and I’m back to bed. He sent the image list, images, bio, supporting documents, etc. to Maplewood Park Place Art Gallery so that on its merry way.

The Bitter End Coffeehouse has accepted my connected to sponsor my Ready to Live IX painting for the ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, MI and it only remains for us both to sign the Artist/Host Agreement, which we will do on our end today or Monday. Very palpably excited about this.

Have conglomerative night sky ideas based on the Proenza Schoueler (sp?) 2013 Spring Ready to Wear collection, which I think was inspired by the 2007 lighting design for one of the Muse concerts at a music festival I saw on Palladia? hee … I’m excited. It is next in the Ready to Live series. Ready to Live in Outer Space …

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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