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So my dilemma was that I had taken an enormous amount of fotos of myself in 2004 and used those for marketing and web, business cards and the like, and yet, yet, I have aged since then. Right? So I asked my friend and photographer Talia Mercer to consider taking my portrait this Spring and she agreed! We went to her workplace, under the cherry blossoms on a lovely Spring day, before the back surgery. Here are two that pass my perfectionist muster. The second one, she has diligently edited. Thank you, Talia!!!




And here is the almost completed Rage 2 painting, lacking only plastic numbers for the right column, for the alter that counted her way through the abuse … soon come!








Here is the latest Ready to Live XIII painting, an underwater creature/plant, that I am loving! I am hand-mixing the eight waves of sea colors. Fun! Stay tuned!






So excited … I have a chair massage in about an hour … oh, my gah! my calf muscles have been cramped since I came out of surgery. I don’t remember if I told you but the surgeon remarked about how tight my back was before surgery? So this is a temporary fix. I mentioned how tight my neck muscles on the sides of my neck are to the surgeon on Wednesday when he asked how my neck is doing a year post-surgery, and he said, well, You have a lot of stress of your life. Knowingly. Sigh.

I have been able to meditate very successfully in the past week, with release breaths coming and being able to ride those waves lovingly. Just wonderful when those come.

I also have the normal restlessness of anyone bedridden, right? The IPod is awesome, and I have been reading Yoga Journal, Garden Design (which sadly has gone out of print! no!) and Islands Magazine (which offered me three new fotos for paintings in the most recent issue!). I have been assiduously devouring Seamus Heaney when I’m out for doctor’s appointments. Yum. I hardly know what else to say, except that he has entered my subconscious, and I fully expect to find a greater depth and richness in my writer when it’s time to get back to the novel. June. Yes.

Pain. Someone asked me the other day if I was free from pain yet. Really? or off the pain meds yet? Just silliness. These things do take time, guys. I laughed internally and patiently replied no, but I am getting better every day! I saw the surgeon this past Wednesday and he said everything I told him was “music to his ears” and he’d see me in a month. And I could drive again! woo frickin hoo! No more waiting for cabs! Sigh of releeeeeef.

So I’m some sort of miracle, really. As of yesterday, I’m no longer using the walking stick to walk with. I’m still walking exceedingly carefully and very raw back there from the incisions, but hey, I mean it, better every day. I’ll take it. Not that I don’t whimper in the night and afternoons. Not that I don’t have to double up on the Percocet from time to time. But it’s very tolerable. And I am doing what I’m supposed to do, being very very careful.

Soooo good to talk with you all again. Take care. Namaste!!!

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