Ready to Live XIII – II

DSC_4466Whee! Yesterday I mixed Chromium Green with Pthalo Green (blue shade) to get the second wave, then darkening it a bit more with straight from the tube of the latter. Today I went straight from the tube Pthalo Blue (green shade) to get the third wave.

The little blank dots you see are going to be some sort of iridescent mix of lime. YUM!

Today I went through several phone calls and doctor visits to a doppler of my left arm’s veins, to find that I have a blood clot in my left hand. More warm compresses several times a day are called for, as I have been doing since I came home from the hospital, lo … these many days … I say somewhat impatiently … because it hurts … and I feel somewhat helpless … however, this time I’ve reached the vascular center and they want to see me in a week’s time. If it has not resolved there will be further action, I’m assuming, medicinal, of some sort. Yes. This makes me happy.

I’m feeling very tired and stressed out. This is unusual for me for the past weeks. Oh well. I’m doing quite well otherwise, back wise. It is a joy to drive, and get this, the cd player works in the Bee again after like, a year? Speaking of JOY. Yes, Radiohead and The Shins. MMMM.

I need to get back to meditation.

Hey, the gentle man, who did my massage on Saturday, is also a Reiki master of sorts, and a yoga instructor, and I do have hopes that in late Summer, i.e., August that I can go to the Opus Yoga Center nearby and learn some new poses for my new body, since I can’t really do deep forward bends, now can I, for some years now? Right? Aching to stretch. Otherwise. So that is my dear hope. Blessed intervention there. 🙂

The garden grows so well. We clipped basil and rosemary and Jason put lemon to the chicken for tonight’s dinner. Yum! and potatoes! asparagus!

Small blessings and treats. We hope to hike a small hike at Monacacy on the holiday weekend coming up. I read that Nature immersions provide boosts to the immune system … well, it feels that way, does it not? 🙂


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