Ready to Live XIII – III

DSC_4471Here I’ve added Pthalo Green straight from the tube in a wavy pattern, then added a cellular pattern over top in the green from two layers down. Then a new mix of Prussian Blue and ? some things for a somber blue.

Brightened things up with a lighter green, then straight Cobalt Blue. Had to take a break after that. Almost done.

Am most excited about the next painting. A tropical landscape of a Hawaiian beach from the shadows looking onto a bright beach, quite dramatic.

Very restless again today. Woke up in deep bone healing pain at 2 am and had to take two percocet, no choice. Still couldn’t sleep, so until 4:30 listened to the IPod, The Shins, aahhhh. Finally, Ravi Shankar for only a few minutes and turned over for some sleep.

Flooded today at 1 pm with many flashbacks. Bah. I think because of not sleeping well. Who can say? It happens. Doing the best I can. Have been trying, unsuccessfully to meditate. So far two warm compresses on the blood clot in the left hand, and hoping for two more before the day is run. Quite distressing and distracting, although it is so minor, really. I don’t know why. Bah.

The good news is that I heard from the Puffin Foundation yesterday and they are archiving web sections on each of their 2011 grantees. I contacted my dear friend Gaylord Robb, my contact for the Paiute Tribe of Utah, and immediately heard back with about seven pieces of artwork from the children using the watercolor crayons we were able to purchase with the grant, and a photo of the children in their dance regalia. Am hoping to work on the site this afternoon. If energy persists. We shall see. Will upload a link in tomorrow’s blog. 🙂 He said they are still using the art materials! How cool is that? Wow.

Heard from the hospital for a survey, very organized, with one open-ended question allowed. Feel very wierd about the whole thing but was honest about the ratings.

Now to try to upload to the Puffin Foundation site. Best to go forward, eh?


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