Hana Beach, Maui – II

DSC_4483Here I have quite painstakingly, with my back limitations being what they are, not being able to bend or twist significantly and largely on my knees, heh, painted in the veiny roots of the foreground Hana cliffs. Yay! I mixed up a fun paint consisting largely of Naples Yellow, but then Zinc White, Neutral Gray, and Burnt Umber. It is where the Sun is falling on the roots. They are a bit too expressive for my liking toward the lower edge of the canvas, so I may alter that at the end of painting. I also will be adding darkness and light to them.

Then, quite easily, in comparison, I created the beach cliff trees! Burnt Umber was playfully and edgily added to the initial sketch, which I followed to the “letter”. Or line as it were. I’ve learned that my brush is funkier than my charcoal, or my pen, if you will. I have a better “eye” with my sketching than I do with my brush. I’m more Pop art with the brush, more doodle and big flowy shapes. My sketches are narrower and more elegant, so I try my best to keep to them, no matter what. (That being said, I went back with Burnt Umber to correct my overpainting funkiness of the roots, and I’m still not satisfied that I’ve corrected them enough.)

I added light and texture to the trees, especially the third one closest to the wave action, with the same mix I had created for the roots. I’ve found that drawing the same color throughout the canvas is very balancing and pleasing, even if it is a single dot or patch, but in this case a tree. You’d be surprised what a single dot of white or black will do to balance a painting, for example.

And there I had to make myself stop. I have one canvas left after this and I’m not sure if I can get more, but that’s not the real reason. I need to REST! Silly me.

On Sundays we typically sleep in. On Saturdays we typically have an earlier start, because Jason makes the pancakes. Oh, yes. Sundays is the sleeping in and the regular breakfast. Oh, yes, for the sleeping in.

I am getting much better at letting myself wake up from the pain at night, and more disciplined about actually getting UP and taking the needed pain medication, so it’s easier to get up in the am. I took the meds, all the meds at 6 am, so it wasn’t hard to get up when I was supposed to after the sleeping in.

Walkies with Chipper were delightful. It is getting easier to walk, my legs pulling less in my stride on my lower back, although they still do. How I long for forward bends and stretching of Yoga poses. Alas. Maybe next year? Ida know. I can’t imagine that someone as flexible as I am (was?) would not eventually regain some of it in time. That would just not make any sense at all for me not ever to be able to regain Child’s Pose. Sigh. So I’m hopeful. It hurts less to walk, but I do not yet have a gait, a true stride. I am a bit clipped, as it were. Bonk, bonk, bonk, as it pulls my lower back, but I’m much steadier than when I first came off the walking stick, so that’s progress, in less pain, a little faster.

See, I wasn’t really aware of it, but how PROUD I was of my silly stride, my long legged stride. A bit Southern languorous, luxurious, former ballerina, totally controlled, yes, I think luxurious and long are the best words. Those are my goals and stretching again will be key. Walking in the meantime, the physical therapy to get me there.

We have a seemingly enormous amount of bananas left over from last week’s set. I somehow didn’t eat as many as I normally do? Usually there are two or three left. Hmmm. Anyway. So, we looked up a good banana bread recipe in our well-gifted Williams Sonoma Bread cookbook (actually we also looked at the W/S Baking one but liked the former better — la la, hee) and Jason the baker made up some marvelous banana walnut muffins for us. OH yum. I’ve had two now and they are quite comforting. And great to give away, so look out, you friends and neighbors who are most deserving of comforting and goodness … heh. We also remain perhaps overly delighted with the rose muffin pan that we received for a wedding gift, which makes the prettiest patterns on the muffin bottoms.

We are doing well, speaking of taking things in stride. I looked up how to file for unemployment in MD, Montgomery County and it’s actually easier than we thought, although Jason won’t be able to apply online because he did work in VA about 18 months ago or so, which is a restriction for the 24/7 online option. He can call on Tuesday though. Good enough. So that’s a relief. He won’t have to drive anywhere to get that started. I feel good to have helped an itty bit with that.

Washed the linens on the bed, and that feels soooooo good, although we had to corral Chipper from getting up there while Jason put them on. Technically, I know from experience, twice, it IS possible to put the sheets on the bed with Chipper IN, but it is a comical hardship that Jason didn’t want to experience. So I did the corralling.

Still very cool, so no pool. Last year this time the pool was full (up!) with residents splashing and having a great time. Not today. I thought about pretending it was a deck and taking the IPod and Seamus Heaney out there … but it’s just not even worth it for that bit of sunning in my sweater, long-sleeved peach vintage tee, and cream yoga pants — the only thing about my outfit denoting Spring, sadly, but I’ll take it, being my Teva flip flops with the sparkly pink swirl. Alas.

It’s supposed to warm up this week? But be cloudy. Heh. No matter.

The garden was pooky yesterday so Jason watered it again, and we thought we had lost the basils and half the plants in the hanging basket due to cold and wind, but they have perked back up. In fact, the whole garden is bursting with life today. What a relief. I think that would have been a real bummer, to lose plants we couldn’t afford to replace, just right now. So thank you, garden faeries. Thank you Jason for watering just at the right time.

I think I will most likely have to go onto Coumadin or some kind of blood thinner on Wednesday morning when I go back to the vascular specialist, because my left hand is just not getting better, in fact it’s getting somewhat worse. Bah. I’m okay with that, so long as the blood thinner doesn’t interfere with the hematologist’s ability to give me the iron IV next week? Who knows. Thankfully, I get my first IV transfer on Tuesday, before I see the vascular specialist. What a freaking parade of doctors I go to. It’s so scary to think that my current insurance card will soon be a piece of plastic, the end of June. Right now it is piece of major gold. National Health Care. That’s all I’m gonna say. It has its faults but it saves through single administration/payor. Sigh. I used to work for several years in healthcare advocacy, so don’t get me started. I know I said that was all I was gonna say. Shh.

I love the patterns of the leaves and shadows and lights in the windows. I loved the branches and shadows and lights in the Wintertime, but this is so much more romantic and enigmatic somehow, dreamier. It lulls me while I’m resting, while I’m painting, writing this to you now …

I hope your holiday weekend is going safely and well … remember to honor those who made and make your freedom possible … not “just” the soldiers but the drafters of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, those who fight for keeping democracy true every day … it takes everyone … working together to keep it together … doncha know? 🙂 Namaste …


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