Hana Beach, Maui – VI

DSC_4498The work today adds greater depth to the middle of the painting … I created a new mix from the deepest red sand from yesterday, by adding wee bits of Prussian Blue. I noted that the mix would break on the canvas with the slightest pressure, so I kept it light. Also, there is a considerable amount of acrylic glaze in the new mix, about two-thirds. (!) Believe it or not.

I used the #8 bright da Vinci for most of that work, then went at it with the tiny round for detail around the tree and rocks.

I wanted to dip my paint into the water, but decided to wait for another day. Water is a whole, slippery, issue and I want to do it all, mixes and all, in a piece. I have a whole palette devoted to blues, water and skies, and would rather wait. I’m not sure if this is tomorrow because of our work on recording music, or not, but felt the brakes on my inner painter. So I listened.

That, and when I walked Chipper just now, I noticed how lovely hotte it is outside and that the pool is open early. Hmm. Funny how things, lovely things sometimes, coincide. And whye notte? I can only sit there in the Sunne for a short while.

I worked on an exhibit application this morning, but we are out of burnable cds. For Sunday then. Jason says we can get a small supply. I thought I could use a burnable dvd but the software keeps crashing. Bah. Otherwise, the Ready to Live series, at thirteen pieces thus far, is ready for prime time.

That work took most of the morning, editing my theme, method, etc. which provide the base for the series, and getting the four images ready. Amazing how much work goes into these things.

I also did what I think is my fourth load of laundry with Babette the grabber and put the third away, lovingly. How I love doing laundry. ? But I do.

Before all of that, took Chipper for a long walk, which was awesome, and ran into another dear friend, catching up very briefly, as she remains very busy, in business for herself as a musician and music teacher. She had jazz fragments in her head from practicing and needed to walk briskly to clear them, she said. Hee.

My fragments are so different. As you well know. I’ve had a lot of dream fragments surface, as well as flashbacks and people who are dead and alive, today. I heard that a serious abuser from second and third grade, died in 2003 or thereabouts. My counselor asked me how I felt about that on Tuesday during session. Seriously? I shrugged. He is just as much alive now as he ever was. In my life, because of the way I am wired/PTSD’d — the past is as much today as any time. He will never die. The abuse is still looping. He is still doing that crap to me somewhere in my soul. She said, I know. I just wondered, she said.

That is the way the South is, Georgia, where I grew up. I never left. You may think I did. But I’m still just as much a Southerner … in so many ways … deep South is in my bones. I am of it. I am in that ground, rooted in that soil as if there are tendons that bind me to it like that new commercial where she’s riding on the bike and her sweater is leaving trails of threads …

wires … tendons … Southern trails … dirt roads … eddies and waterways … karma.


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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