Hana Beach, Maui – VII





Here I am dressed up today in a cotton windowpane shirt, and soft pink silk mini, Sun in my eyes, on our lovely walk at Gunner’s Lake, our new favorite place to go nearby — although we still love Monocacy Aqueduct, this is so much closer for exercise and Nature.


Here is the bit of painting I was able to accomplish just now …
DSC_4502(We have been relatively busy with this that and the other somehow. ? Applying for this and that and updating files, running errands and cleaning …)

The water in the foto is much less jade than this, much more grey and thus and so, but this is what I created instead and I love it. I’m hard pressed to say of what it consists, because I mixed it from mixes of mixes on the palette of blue and green water and sky and lime mixes. Hmmm. So I don’t quite know what to tell you there, except that I did add Neutral Gray and Burnt Sienna toward the end to move somewhat closer to the foto. It was a dear pleasure to paint, I must say.

Yesterday was super-busy. For a while there over the weekend our insurance was cut off by mistake, so that was scary. Sigh.

Flashbacks still coming rapidly, and an uber-sensitive detailed work nightmare last night, although the night before gave dreams that were great and fun, puzzles and adventures and research and creativity. Yum.

Long walkies again today and the weather could not be more lovely for them. Saying hello and good day to everyone and folks mostly catch on. It is a wonderful thing to pass on wonder and greetings.

Jason is mixing Come on Up to the House for sending out sooner rather than The Whale Swallowed Me. I’m hoping most every day to send up a new vocal on the latter, and he is adding new instrumentation to it as well. It is sounding very vampy and spook Blues, which makes me feel less homesick.

Yesterday in counseling we talked about the dream of me carrying the world around with me, the fragile yet strong paper and wood-framed globe. Eventually we got to all sorts of branches of rootlessness and rootedness from my life and it was most helpful. Where I feel rooted in my current life/home. How important simple fire, candles are to me, how they represent the hearth.

Care packages for every room of the home when I move. How I encourage that when my friends move. How a rough move is always to be avoided, so easily avoided when there is time.

Spa time in the home, the bed, comforts of the home, food, nurturing, so simple.

Relationships. The physical, affection.

Time for bed. 🙂


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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