Hana Beach, Maui – VIII

DSC_4507Now I’ve been able to begin the sea. How nice that sounds, eh? Hee. I cannot, again today, begin to tell you what I’ve mixed with what, but I do begin, nonetheless. For I had to begin somewhere … but then I got … quite lost in color … and it was amazing. I did end up with three main mixes for sea, but there’s the rub, what was in them?

I did, however, begin, the first two with Pthalo Blue (green shade) and a smidge of my remaining, dear, Cobalt Blue. It was not quite right. I added Cobalt Blue, Prussian Blue, Titanium White, Acrylic Glaze, and, honestly, green mixes, blue sky mixes, and just went a bit wild, until I got nearly close to the foto’s deepest ocean hue. There, I thought, but then, my sketch and the foto did not match, so I went off sketch (!) heh, and made a bit of a deep triangle funky pop painting sketch which, as we know, is a bit risky for me. It’s not a straight triangle, but more fingers, as you can see.

Then, the second mix, had to be much lighter, and was so much more boring, with much more acrylic glaze and white. Not a clear color by any stretch. Bah. I lost a lot of the sketch again in the uppermost portion, but figured I would get it back when I painted in, which I did. I again started with the same two colors and went from there.

The lightest layer, again, not counting the lightest of all, the Zinc White, to come, was just a scratch. I started with a blue sky mix, one of Cobalt Blue and Titanium White, eh? and had to add in the Pthalo Blue (green shade) and Cobalt Teal to make it right, but I like that the Cobalt Blue is in them all, because my blue sky will be Cobalt Blue. As always. That is just me, but I believe in a Cobalt Blue sky mix. So with that I went to town, adding details and such, as you can see, with the tiny round brush.

Then I was tired, and took le foto, and washed the brushes for the day.

And took fotos of our garden, which Jason has been assiduously watering, and which today he has also started fertilizing — yay! For our geraniums need to bloom a bit more for the color scheme to truly pop as planned. Yes.

Here is our first harvest to dry:

DSC_4508Which is, to the left, ginger mint, spearmint, eucalyptus, lemon balm, sage, basil, and rosemary. Yum!

I shan’t post more, but to Facebook. Garden fotos are not so exciting?

I applied for the Art in Embassies Registry this morning, and also it is official that I’m connected for ArtPrize with the bitter end coffeehouse, where Ready to Live IX will hang in the Autumn!


If you do such things, wish me luck in both ventures …

So that took some time …

My back is doing a bit worse today — so watching myself — last night I had to turn over to the other hip every 20-30 minutes which doesn’t make for the best night’s sleep — it’s been that way the past four nights — I’m hopeful that will be a temporary thing?

We woke a bit later today so had a late start in the day, then took Chipper on a long walk. Delicious weather, overcast and cool with part-Sun. Was a bit tribal in what I wore and that was fun but a bit strange for me, since usually I’m a bit shy, eh? A bit white, literally, this time of year, especially in Spring, delicate. I tend to get more tribal in late July and August, September, celebrating the primal.

I’m very worn out now, with deep flashbacks coming and some sense memories — I hate them. So, time to let go of being active and get into eating some food, which I absolutely am not in the mood for. No appetite. Hmmm. Especially not with sense memories. Bah. Have to eat tho, right?

Snuggling in will be good. Love the bed. Love Jason and Chipper and our snuggle times at night. Take care and snuggle in your own self … sleep well!



About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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