Hana Beach, Maui – Finitti


You know, this picture, these pictures never really bring the painting to you as I would like them to. Alas. You must come to a show. You must come to my home studio. Contact me when you are in Maryland, eh? It could happen. Or spend time on my website, if that helps, but still … I do my best. I have to let it go for now.

Okay. So, I am so very glad I gave this painting another day, because there was so very much more to add, I found. First, I decided to add the wee/est bit of translucent Acrylic Glaze with an even wee/er bit of Titanium White on the next to tiniest round brush, and, scared as I was, tried to make a bit of that backwash behind a wave that, you know, after the wave has hit the shore, laces the sand. Hard as that is. I went there.

I’m so glad I did! It worked out! Yay! So you can see what I did there, over the kind of burgundy section and jade sections.

Then I played a bit with the motion and depth of the ocean, just a tad, well, I only had a tiny bit of the darkest blue ocean mix to play with anyhoo.

Okay, the rocks in the middle needed a working over, so I went there as well. I had a bit of Naples Yellow on the palette and added that as highlight, then spots of Titanium White until it was too bright and nice. So I made it a bit Pirate with some Mars Black.

I added more depth to the cliff with Mars Black, then hid what I had done with Burnt Umber. Heh.

Then I went a bit wild, much to the betterment of the painting, methinks, arrrrr! I stayed with the Pirate/Exotic theme, and added more Iron Oxide, Burnt Umber and Burnt Umber to the cliffs. Funnnnnnnnne!

I added depth to the sands with my fingers and Burnt Umber, oooh, messy and not what acrylic paint is made for, no, no. So I returned to the tiniest round brush, and found it to be more effective for blending (go figure) than my index finger. Hmmm.

With a final stroke that I did NOT blend in, of Mars Black, to the center of the cliff, I realized I was done.

It has been pouring down rain off and on, with brief respites of bright Sun, only to pour again. The deep evaporating humidity was too much for even me to breathe in at three pm for Chipper’s brief walk. Wow. If you know me, that is saying a LOT. For this Georgia girl, I LOVEs me some humiditeee. Thrives on it. So, I’m just sayin.

Had a lovely lunch at Woodside Deli with a dear friend at noon, and what a find it is — a great old fangled diner and healthy food, even though I ordered the Philly Cheesesteak. That is saying something, too, is it not? Heh. We had a great time catching up.

I rested before, and felt like I could not rest enough. Then rested post. Ditto.

Even so, a heavy pain day.

Verizon came and got our phone working, but still needs to get rid of the loose dangling wire over the hedges for it fretteth the staff greatly … for real. Major stressage in the afternoon, so I headed for the painting.

Loving loving loving the Red Hammer Nature sounds last night … fell asleep to them and got me back to sleep at two am.

Thankfully my hips did not hurt me so overnight, so I’m hopeful that was a temporary situation. Although the back itself hurts more today. Maybe things down there are just getting adjusted, readjusted to their new digs.

I’ve found that the rest is also good for me emotionally. I feel how fractured I am, laying there, how jarred. I jangle there motionless, as if I’ve been running a marathon, as if I’ve been through all sorts of trauma … I know. I have PTSD, but it sort of occurs to me, laying there. I kind of forget from time to time. Short-term memory is another side effect. 🙂

Well, time for bed. I’m ready. I hope you are all enjoying the last dayes of Spring. 🙂


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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3 Responses to Hana Beach, Maui – Finitti

  1. 3cat26@comcast.net says:

    Dear Amy,

    I would be thrilled to visit your home studio! I am in awe of your splendiferous paintings. I feel l ifted out of my PTSD as I study your works. So you must know that the healing is happening as I swim through your detailed descriptions of the magnificent colors, there is a specific flow that I sense as if I were traveling through the richness of the paint, effortlessly. The only other way of describing the sensation is related to pleasant dreams that I’ve had of swimming through mint chocolate chip ice cream.

    You are truly a precious gift. I am amazed that through the pain and obstacles of your many life experiences that you are steadfast and determined, and are rising above, flying with a zest for being, for living. You are the victor. Believe that.

    I have read Rebekah’s Closet twice. I have never read an account so intensely described, so beautifully written. I identified with the pain of long suffering abuse and felt a sense of confidence that I am moving on as a swan through gentle waves, streams. I can actually taste the peace. There are not enough words to express this appreciation. Stretching, practicing breathing, listening to the quiet……..and feeling that I can be calm because I am not alone in this journey.

    Your presence of stillness and abundance is there.

    Rest Amy and be assured that your expressions of cycling are shared……I pray that the mourning of pain  past and present will be transformed into dancing, flow, light and effortlessly………..

    I am. Simply stated……..I am.

    • amyjacksoncc says:

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful response … you are welcome to schedule a visit to my home studio. Please note that we are preparing for the June 16th hanging in the next few days, however, but other than that, we are fairly free. Also, thank you for your attentive readings of Rebekah’s Closet! Would you like to write a review for it? Email me directly if so. 🙂 Thank you again for your delicious comments … Always …

  2. Cary says:

    Despite the large numbers of tourists however, there are areas on the lake
    where things are quiet and serene. ‘A change is as good as a rest’ as the old adage goes and good
    thing too, since a ski holiday in Verbier probably isn’t going to give you much of a rest. Other fun options on Oahu for children and adults, include Kualoa Ranch.

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