Sun through Trees – I














I did in fact feel like painting branches today, and here is the evidence. I only have a bit of Mars Black and Burnt Umber left for now, so I started a new palette, admiring for a bit the previous one first, then mixing up a bit of each with Acrylic Glazing Liquid to make them last, and to make them easier to glide into branch form. If you will.

And it’s funny, sometimes I want the branches to be more brown, and sometimes more black. I can’t quite decide, so there is quite the mix/mess on the palette, which is fun, and funny to me. I added a bit of gray, and fortunately for my supply, only a bit, because I haven’t used it — because there isn’t any light at all on the branches in the foto. So. I’ll use it somewheres else. Ha. The spellcheck had no problem with somewheres. That’s funny, but it hates foto.


I felt a bit of the Japanese/Chinese painter coming out in me today, at least my respect for them, which was truly a nice feeling, and so rare. I’ve always wanted to get those special (sic) brushes they use and try my hand at their styles, but I daren’t. (hee spellcheck doesn’t like daren’t).

Have to hurry, turkey burgers in the pan …

We had lovely short walkies, Chipper and I, then Jason and I had lovely LONG walkies, making the full two mile-ish walk around Gunner’s Lake —


Wow is right. That’s with an IPhone. I nearly went nuts for photography at that moment, got the bug of fascination, but had to stop right then and there. That’s going to be a painting, okay?

I also received the newest ISLANDS Magazine today, and there is a new Bora Bora mountain foto in there which will one day I hope become a painting. I say I hope because I have lots of dreams for paintings, and piles of images surround me in the studio. It’s all good.

Hey, so last night I got a FB notita from Peter Gabriel about a SoundCloud file of his and I had never HEARD of this before and … well … somehow I found this Sons of Dub masterpiece which was released last month … I bought it on ITunes but had trouble with the computer linky but here is the Amazon linky … I tell you now … do not wait … go deh!

Also, anything anything anything Vieux Farka Toure does … ? just do it … loop it … I could say the same thing for Iron and Wine … David Bowie … Beck … sigh

But really Vieux Farka Toure had no SoundCloud followers you all … and he is made of brilliance …


I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed our time in actual bona fide NATURE today. It was all kinds of awesome and made my week. It could not have been a more perfect day.

You know, I roll around through this time of year like nothing? The days pass and pass and I take them for granted and it’s effing SAD. I THINK I appreciate it to the fullest and you know I effing TRY so hard to take it all in. But I just need to try even harder. That’s what Chipper is trying to tell us. Stop. and smell the time … it is precious … it really is lovely out there …

The leaves are shadowing the keyboard sunlight as I speak, in the most tender way …

Hey, so I was thinking the same exact thing about reading so very much of Seamus Heaney the other day … you know … so many freaking brilliant poems, one after another … on and on and on … I LOVE IT! but it’s like Spring and Summer and Autumn … you just have to remember to take EVERY SINGLE WORD IN … every thing … and it’s impossible. I will read a poem and realize I haven’t read it at all. It’s effing nuts he’s so brilliant.

Now, having said that, I did enjoy the Latin American poetry anthology a huge amount more, and it is a much thicker book. Hmmm. I think because the imagery was so much richer and the history so much … er … darker … and I’m so intensely involved with that from my college studies. Heaney dips his toe in, not to say he doesn’t get gross and detailed with … er … bodies and skulls and fermentation of such things here and there historically … but I just don’t know that much about Irish history, and I should. It should be engrained in my DNA like I said at the beginning of reading him.

But my passion is wired for Spain and Latin America, and I must say, Vietnam and that area from growing up. Hard-wired. So many triggers with colors and such.

I have a friend who is a massively educated and talented poet up in the Northeast who mentioned something about the Imagist poets … I must next explore them. Who are they? He had a whole LIST. Oh boy. I’m all over that. I’m so visual as you well know.

Well, the turkey burgers are ready, and have been for about ten minutes. Gotta run.

P.S. Note to Vicki — read the comment replies for yesterday 🙂

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