Sun through Trees – IV

DSC_4545Now we’re really getting somewhere, eh? These random brush stroke techniques add up to the mix of wind in the leaves and angles the leaves make in the light and against each other as you look at the main focal point, the Sun.

Today I was a lot tired, from again not sleeping well at all, see below, and writing (yay!) 1326 words on The Front Porch novel. I could only here and there retrieve yesterday’s Mayan glyph-like painting. But that being said, I think I did well, to complete the rest of the leaf screen for the Sun.

Hooray! I definitely feel as though I’ve accomplished something new, and well. Jason remarked yesterday, and I agree, that this is like some of my early watercolor work. This is truly because of the heavy thinning with the Acrylic Glazing Liquid, which I intend to continue with Vietnam jungle work in my next Rage III painting, and a Vietnam Jungle series in 2014 when I’ve quite exhausted (I think?) Ready to Live. I intend to contact a friend of mine who has travelled several times to Vietnam, and ask for pictures of the jungle foliage there. Et voila! That is my fondest hope. Wholeness. We shall see.

We started watching a French film last night entitled Delicacy which is very good and hope to finish tonight. We shall see. The first copy we received over the weekend was cracked, the first time this has ever happened, and we had to send her back.

I’ve heard from the Gallery Director and a committee member at Maplewood Park Place Art Gallery that the show is up and looks great, “stunning”. Sweetness. So excited. Have pulled recent writings about my painting inspirations and will have that with me, as well as Rebekah’s Closet and Deco to read from on Sunday. We shall see. Planning to wear a dress from about six years ago that I adore, white with metallic silver threads, very subtle, knee length, with a ruffle neckline and over the shoulder, unusually done, hard to describe. Very fun, just festive enough for a June afternoon. Not sure if I should wear the Czech blue crystal necklace and bracelet restrung from the yard sale — what a find! — or the chandelier pieces I had strung into necklace/bracelet — or — who can say? so fun! something light. And no heels … or a light pair, just enough …

Tomorrow I have two appointments, the surgeon at 10:30 to which Jason will accompany me, and 2:50, the regular psychiatrist medical management one. VERY psyched about the former, of course. Will let you know.

Woke at 1:20 am or so with severe hip pain and got quite upset at this but wasn’t proactive at all, and getting upset or something (?) caused flashbacks and flooding … didn’t expect that and was quite incapacitated for some hours …  until 4:00 am at which time I got up, used the restroom, had some fruit, some pain medicine, put on Frog Forest by Omvana on the IPhone and promptly went to sleep til 8:00 am when Jason came for me.

Have been a bit on edge in some ways, but very productive in others? today. So strange. But absolutely fatigued/pooped now, with NO appetite. Will rest for a while and see if my appetite comes. The flooding was horrible. Boo.

Oh! I received news of my Kindle return credit of 22 dollars and change last night and promptly ordered Iron and Wine and Daft Punk’s newest. Loved the former — brilliant!!! Per usual. However am promptly returning the latter asap for Patty Griffin’s newest. Not a huge fan of the disco. Sorry, guys. Had no idea, after like fifteen recommendations for Daft Punk from all over, had no friggin idea. Had I only known, or taken the time to sample the thing … but I blindly trusted … ahem. But Ghost on Ghost, Iron and Wine’s newest … just perfect … LOVE Love …

Oh! #2 … I didn’t warm up to Patty Griffin as is my druther, instead, Jason said, let’s just try it and see what we get. So I ran through The Whale Swallowed Me once with the mic, then I said, Let’s record, and we decided to take that “take”. Done! Jason is now working on it for a few days or so, and soon we shall have it up for you to hear! Whee! How cool is that?

Better times ahead … now to rest me …



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