Sun through Trees – V

DSC_4547Not to be freaking out, you can see the first layers of white Sunlight now — again, note, you are not to be freaking out. I will post the original foto again now.

sunthroughtreesSee there is a whole lot of Sunlight in there.

Now, I will be adding back in layers of translucent green, as well as dabbling with the rays of Sun themselves, for the first time in my life. So bear with me, if you will.

In person, it kind of reminds me of Dogwoods in bloom, and angels. Hmm. Yes, a good start.

This is Titanium White and Hansa Yellow Medium (teeny bit) mixed with Acrylic Gel Medium.

So, get this — apparently they got my appointment card wrong, and my actual appointment with the surgeon was eight days ago! Agh! No worries — a bit of time on the phone, and we rescheduled this and that … and had the appointment with the surgeon at 2:35 this afternoon, and will have the psych med one tomorrow afternoon at 1:45. Jeez. Hello.

Good news! I can take baths now! I can swim carefully now. There is a good amount of bone growth on the x-ray! He likes that I’ve “turned the corner” on the pain meds! He gave me lydocaine patches for the hips as well as a script for a topical anti-inflammatory, more ice recommended, since I didn’t opt for the shots. I tried the exercise he gave right there in the office but I’m too limber for it. Stretched my back, not my hip muscle. Bah.

Says we are still in the “kid gloves” stage of the recovery for the next six weeks, but I’m good for massages. Not yet yoga. I’m cool with that, too. Swimming and baths are good for now. He is thrilled that I’m walking thirty minutes a day.

I had a nightmare last night that Chipper was attacked and killed by a wolf. All that was left was his beaten up collar, and there were rows and rows of collars in this park to choose from. It was awful. I guess I feel guilty for not spending more time with him now that I’m more active. I used to rest so much. I do need to rest more. I feel the exhaustion. I’m running from myself. I know it. I feel the pain behind, around my eyes. The days are sliding past me too quickly.

I think I’ve decided to read Octavio Paz next instead of Galway Kinnell. I remembered the novel I’m writing and the inspiration that the main character, Joanna, the high school Spanish teacher, derives from Latin American literature. Duh. I need more in that category. And Gabriela Mistral. I totally got off topic with Seamus Heaney there, although he was cracking me up in the waiting room just now, so wry. Sigh. I treasure him.

The movie Delicacy is soooo good. You should check it out. We hope to finish the last third tonight. Next up we hope is Oz.

Okay, I’m going to meditate, rest, what have you, the bones of me. Wish me luck. It must be done, and Chipper will surely appreciate the snugglitude. Be well, you all. Happy Daye!



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