Rage III – II

DSC_4562Much progress today. I started with red straight out the tube. Blood red is all I will say. I should go look which tube, right? Okay. Wait just a sec, ’cause I don’t remember. C.P. Cadmium Red Dark. That’ll do you just right for blood red, apparently. Sigh.

Then I went for C.P. Cadmium Orange, mixed with a bit of Titanium White at first, but my fish, she wanted to be BRIGHT. Vivid and full of LIFE. Poor dear. Okay, this was hard. The Sun shines more brightly on my keyboard as I type this. 🙂 I have help, you see.

The Jungle of Vietnam, which the soldiers dared not gaze at, and the goldfish, which I dared not fall in love with. None of them.

And more lime.

The Rolling Stones, I’m a Monkey came on while I was painting and I thought, that’s the kind of music that was out when this stuff was happening to me, the Sixties, Vietnam, right … great music. How very trippy and effed up and confusing.


We went for wonderful long walkies again for the first time in many a day, Chipper and I, in Summer, now. We found all the cool, shady spots for him and verily did he enjoy them.

He has an ear infection in both ears so we went to the vet after that and got some great stuff, medicine for them, first time since last September, according to their records. Then the post office, then for walkies for Mama and Jason.

We had cloud cover, fortunately, on a ninety plus degree heat day, and it was so stimulating, all the life out there, the birds and flowers and bugs, and even a fish jumping for a bug on the surface of the water. Everybody be jumpin.

Jason then started looking on the IPad at home for free books for me and I said I read poetry. He got all of Walt Whitman, then dug into some Octavio Paz. Nothing for free, but for $3.99 a collection of essays, Alternating Currents (sic?) very cool. He stays on the IPad, but when he’s not, I will check more of it out. The wee bit I have read was supercool, about how modern poetry is like a reality check, because it is more about the words than the meaning, it breaks away from regular discourse. There is much more to it than that, but Paz considers it among the highest forms of art.

I think about poetry these days, and go, yeah? Really? Get away from your TV sets, dudes. Sigh.

Hey, speaking of that, did I tell you I am super-excited about this music from:


I found it because it is on Six Degrees Records, and that is who Vieux Farka Toure is on:


And I found him because Ry Cooder did an album with his Dad.


That’s all I’ve got today. My peeps need me in da house. Much love. 🙂


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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