Abondante I – Les Fleurs

Heh that has a chapeaux

These are fotos from le jardin avec le pluit today — NOTE: RAIN.

I’ve heard that some professional photographers actually will spray water on their subjects, i.e., flowers and plants and dust them off (well, who hasn’t fallen prey out in Nature of cleaning off a speck or two?) but spraying them with water to effect rain? Come on.

Real rain. In factu.

On my head, on the leaves on the petals …

It was awesome. I took 71 fotos. Here is one.

DSC_4651That is coolness to me, in color and shape … ahh it says … hee

Here is another.

DSC_4592I don’t know if you see that nicely or not but it has a sharp focus. Mmmm. Red.

Opposite of cool, luscioussss.

I love Summer.

I will thusly record the garden, especially this surprise red canna, on my website, as there are many fun fotos to share, almost, as the blog title suggests, not from my efforts, but from simply capturing the abundance of Nature. Blessed be the world from which we come.

Karl Straub came over today and recorded Am I Blue? vocals and instrumentations with Jason for most of the day.

I did about half of my Nikon Transfer files labelling and cleanup oh so quietly in the studio … until my back said NO! and I had to lay everything down on the couch.

I then studied my paintings and the garden from the couch, while listening to the session, which was fun.

Now to rest me. Tomorrow, perhaps the web!



About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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