Rage IV Sketch

DSC_4666I don’t know if you can make out a bit of anything, but this is a sketch of a car wheel, specifically a 1966 Buick Electra. Yes. Below that is someone reading a paper. Above all of that is an oncoming car. This is only part of the sketch.

DSC_4667Here is more of the abuser reading the paper in an armchair and to the right is a chair by a table. Above again is the wheel.

This sketch is the preliminary one, one of two actually, well, three, two are on yellow stickies, but the main one is on copy paper. It is fairly detailed for me to draw the one on foam core.

There is also this photo, for detail within the Buick, which will be lit up for night-time driving. Writing this makes me cry, remembering.

creepycarfotoSo you can that in 1966 there was a sleekness of design, for sure, with an emphasis on speed and control. Maybe that is just me that sees it that way, and maybe a similar look at today’s dashboard will see the same thing?

I was going to use the top from a frying pan for the outer edge of the wheel, but decided against it. I think, like the previous Rage painting, I would like to go freehand on this one as well. It is like writing in free-verse rather than typing on the computer in a way. More raw. I need that I think. So I will not be expecting perfection in this piece but emotion and expressiveness, although as with all my paintings there will be a certain level of precision. That is in my Nature.

Nature, Summer.

It was so hot this morning that Chipper would NOT go the extra half forward, but insisted twice upon doubling back, so I relented. He INSISTED. It was still hot and the same difference, but he had his way and I appreciated his wishes, which is what counts on a hot day with an animal, that he knows you will do that for him.

I myself was having trouble walking a straight line and standing up. I kid you not. And this was before the sketch. You see, yesterday and today I’ve still been having these flashbacks. So I figured I might as well start the sketch. It’s gonna come anyway. Not the walking issues, but the flashbacks.

So the walking issues, when I’m sitting down and flashbacks come, it’s like getting knocked over and being dizzy while they last. I have to sit still and process them, they distract my thought processes, like if I’m typing, or thinking, I can lose my train of thought. DERAILED, as it were. In fact, I would be so lucky if there was only one track, and only one train.

YOU HAVE NO IDEA how complex my mind is.

But everyone’s mind is complex, right? I HAVE NO IDEA.

That is funny, right?

Between brains, worlds. Yes.


I was out in the 93 degree heat earlier in the Bee and boy did I feel it at the Red light. Not even steam.

Now I’m from Georgia, and I used to love to play out in the blistering heat in the Summertime … for real. Now I’m not saying I’m not a serious fan of the shade, either. Chipper and I find all of the shady spots, and we do enjoy a cool breeze.

Karl and Jason are in the studio (bedroom) play Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Hoagie Carmichael as played by George Harrison. Ahhhh. See that is Summmme Summer right there, hearing them chat about music an all … priceless …

We did achieve a recording, Dennis Nielsen and Jason and me yesterday morning, for the Joni Mitchell tribute album: A Case of You. Then we took a break and came back to try another take, and I had a case of severe dissociation. Jason immediately shut down the session.

I had to rest for about four hours, with no choice. Also, my back hurts a lot still from the July Garden website work. Boo. So rest is needed for that as well. Then, later last night, I got to hear what we did. It may be a keeper vocal. I’ll try another one, but it may be a keeper. 🙂

‘Kay. I’ve got to go get a haircut. Oh, yes. My hair is so long. Yay!




About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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