Rage IV – Sketch I

This may look incredibly MINIMAL. I cannot tell you how much time and gumption it took, two days, really, to draw the circle, to place it correctly, for the wheel. I had to allow room for everything else, AND draw a decent, fair-sized circle. Of the wheel of the car of … well, you know.

So I did it and felt this huge release, relief. And it is a hole, like the hole in my life this abuser left.

Let it stand for a day like that.

The wound is not so clean.

Symbols are limited but powerful …

The wheel … so I tried to go forward just now into the inner wheel, the inner rim and the triangular portion, etc., that leads to the whole painting, really, and my gut, my soul, my stomach lurched almost out of me with a NOT now.

I tend to listen to my gut.

A much cooler day, and Chipper and I made it all the way round today. Blessed. Beautiful Summer day. Ambling entertainment is Chipper’s mode, and I know that is Steven Spielberg’s and I’m grateful, and I think that watching his gait and manner while we walk, often. Cherish the moment. And I think of Buddhism. Just the thought of it, the concept is pure enough of a reminder to simply … cherish the moment and breathe. That’s all I need.

My friend and her toddler stopped by and that was a delight, to update and get updated, on every little thing. Chipper and the toddler played so well together, it was some kinda miracle, I must say, of peace and understanding.

Then I started writing my July email update and my friend with toddler returned with Gingko Biloba seeds they had gathered naturally for us. Wow. Will wonders never cease. Abundance.

I went for my pedicure, long awaited and chatted with everyone, fun, and a cool shade I had at home (that way I can touch up at home if I need to wait longtemps again) of almost a neon pale peach. And clean, neat, short nails. They’ve also added massage chairs and other cool lighting n stuff. It was a breather much awaited.

Back home to the email update, I addressed her and sent her off, to the small amount of returns, mostly vacation replies this time of year. 🙂 Happy that people are off to the beach, right?

Running a load of light-colored laundry and going to rest now. My back still a bit tweaky from last week’s computer work. Don’t want to overdo. Emotionally is has been a hard day as well, and I need to rest up for this Rage painting, I know. Happy Summer!


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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