Rage IV – Sketch Finitti

DSC_4682Here I have added structure to the farm background trees, more detail near the dining table, behind the reading chair, and to the car dash/console.

Perhaps this afternoon I will begin painting. I do however need a tube of Mars Black somethin’ fierce. Hmm.

Today we go to Jason’s Mom’s home to celebrate his Birthday! He is napping now. šŸ™‚

Chipper and I just got from lovely walkies on a hot July morning. Yes. Sun. Yes. I’m lovin’ it. That would be Summer, folks.

Wearing white and seaglass. Ready for the beach.

The beach of the mind … I suppose. ?

It cools the mind to dream of the beach on hot days like this, and wearing sea glass and all white helps, a bit of ruffle at the knee …

I was fourteen all the way … years old … on the whole walk.

Quite capable of walking the dog, but very wide-eyed under those Ray-bans. Birds, clouds, trees, blossoms, Chipper —

Then home to sleeping Jason, fed Chipper and finished sketch.

I’ve been researching for next year’s series: Vietnam Jungle on canvas in acrylic.

DSC_4681If anyone has a problem with me painting from tiny jpgs of their photographs of Vietnamese jungle, please please tell me now, but I do believe it is fine. I am super-entranced with the colors, shapes, light, depth, and textures.

And just look at that strip of lime next to that black. Oh.


RESPECT to all who fought there.

I am feeling somewhat better emotionally, except that I feel fourteen years old. Ahem. That is somewhat strange. It is what it is I guess.

Also in a bit of a medicinal transition. The Prozac higher level caused an allergic reaction, so we are determining an alternative. Too much detail to relate here, but a bit scary to consider other classes and other drugs, with other side effects, when I was kind of fine where I was … bah

except that I was getting rather blue and etc — then the new memories wtf

so who knows right now and I’ll do what my main psychiatrist advises but I do hope it is not some kind of serious management issue with a load of side effects, instead an easy thing — just an easy switch, thank you, that makes me feel less sad and more manageable — a girl can dream

first Sunny day we’ve had in many and I’m so grateful — but that does mean it’s hotter and folks are more uncomfortable

not me ()

I’ve been stirring inside a bit more on the novel The Front Porch as well so I may get a bit more writing done this week if my back will cooperate with the sitting at the computer long enough

right now my back is a fair amount tweaked on the left so I’ve been low key and resting since Friday

these new projects, ostensibly for the new year, 2014, well, they may start in November — heh — the new Winter — as it were

but I do want to paint at least 2-3 more on the Ready to Live to flesh that out a bit more symbolically — there are more sketches —

I have a lot of calls to artist to complete in the next two weeks as well, and they do take the time, but cast a broad net!

time to eat a bit for lunch and then rest until time to go — lots of sitting during our visit to Jason’s Mom’s this afternoon — gotta rest up!

Happy Summer! Happy Birthday Jason! Happy Sunday!



About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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