Cooking and Stewing

hydrangeadexpThis is an image from an accidental roll of film that ended up as double exposures when I still was learning how to load my Nikon EM 35 mm camera with film, literally. I wasn’t sure if I had already used the roll, so, I put the roll back in, and as luck would have it, right on top of the other roll, exactly. That’s pretty rare, and as luck would have it, the images work with each other.

I found the prints so far, not the negatives yet, although I think I know where they may be, and had them scanned today at Kinko’s. Yay. Sent them to Art Quench Magazine to go along with my “back story” as they are calling it.

Also today for most of the day I have made the aforementioned chicken salsa salad and it is most labor intensive. It makes the house smell good and Lord am I tired. But I have done the deed. Now I must rest.

The stewing portion of the title is that I have had quite the day of flashbacks at the same time, but the meal must be made, the tiny bits of jalapeno must be chopped. As it were.

I’m in quite the funk today. I did cheer up a bit when I called up a fairly local scrap metal place and was redirected to a mid atlantic owner, and left a SWEET message for someone at some voicemail extension, quite hopefully.

Since then, I’ve slipped back into funk. Sorry. I’m hoping the funk will lift in time. Counseling tomorrow, lunch with friend, and … ? swimming? or … ? art? Ida know. Perspective shift? I’m hoping. I’m trying. I miss my bright cheerful filter …

I guess it’s okay to be this way for a time, but I’m not used to it. Lately. Was a time this was all I knew. Depression. Bah. Boo. Yah. Heh. 🙂 Well there is a little sense of humor. We’ll keep trying for us all.

Just waking with no sense of purpose. That has to change. Maybe counseling will help. Or maybe a good night’s sleep will magically change things as it sometimes does. Go figure why that works.

Over and out. 😛


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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