Glass House 1871 Sketch

DSC_4712Here then is a sketch on black paper of a beloved glass house from 1871 gone to ruin. My friend Fredd from Italy now living in Amsterdam, a dear friend with whom I worked on the Philips Protoquadros of YORE. Yore! found this for a film on which he work on recently, in Levorno, Italy. He was posting about the film on Facebook and I immediately fell in love with the place and requested fotos. Yes! Yes!

This is the first foto I have.

gatewayflorentiatoscanaNeedless to say, oh my Buddha! This will also be a canvas painting at some point, yes? Yes!

So first I tried to sharpen a Sepia pencil, with a regular sharpener — agh! to no avail, so I remembered my other skills with a knife as it were, and got out the exacto and — voila — I was prepared to sketch her!

Then I used the bright Caran D’ache watercolor crayon for the foliage.

I haven’t begun to detail out the glass house, mind you. As it was with the previous work, this is JUST the beginning. Yes.

My back is effed. Not seriously, mind you, or I would be very very worried. And I’m not. I see the surgeon on Wednesday at 10:45 am. I think I overswam and oversat at the computer, overdrove on Wednesday with appointments and such. Remember when I was not able to really rest because of all my emotional funkiness last week? Well, I was sitting UP. That hurt my back as well. Now I am trying to lay DOWN and I am not swimming or sitting so much.

So. No writing on the novel.

I am in fair spirits however. So that’s good, although over the weekend, not so much, was a bit funky, as I noted.

Today, with the delightful Sun’s return, I wore a paisley sleeveless maxi and rose crystal pendant and bling bracelet — dressed up a bit princessy and enjoyed the fluttering of the dress in the lovely breeze on walkies.

Rested. Now to rest more. And feeling a bit peaceful to boot. So that is good. Easier to meditate. Thankful for that. 🙂

Oh! And I had the idea to try to reach a Mid-Atlantic scrap yard by getting two reference letters from Nashville industrial sites that have allowed me graciously to take photographs there since 2003. I have one so far and should have the other in a week or so. Sigh of relief. Hoping for a local site to get back into those munchy crunchy fotos. I need them. Crave them. I’ll be good, local scrap yard owners, Listen!




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