Glass House 1871 II

DSC_4718A lot of progress on this pastel today, again in about an hour.

First I enhanced the metalwork of the glass house with a particularly yummy red rusty soft pastel.

Then I added the cobalt blue glass shards remain over the top of the entryway.

The arch over the door is a bit gray now, so charcoal gray it was, a wash of it with a soft Carre pastel. Then, the Ionic pattern over that with my remaining, getting smaller, chunk of charcoal, with which I do ALL my sketches — alas!

I did the detailing flourishing and wrote in “1871” in the arch, very carefully.

Then I picked a bright green, and I must say, I felt a bit at home making the foliage, a familiar pointy-tipped Black Walnut. And vines, abstract STUFF. Fun.

I accented with a neon chartreuse (YUM) soft pastel and went a bit wild, then with a soft white, following the foto itself, where the white is in the foto. Then, where it is not, for my own self.

Then, I put the rust back in, to bring the glass house structure back.

It may be done, not sure.

I’m afraid I’m bumping up against my time frame for the night and I’m sorry to say it. Not much more time to write now.

Yesterday I saw the spine surgeon, though and I’m a free girl! He said that I should make “life decisions” with my back from now on when I choose to do anything with my back. But that I’m able to carefully go forward with things like yoga and swimming. But not lifting. Herm. ?

But yoga — You GUYS — that’s like a major major freeage — thing. For me. I’ve done yoga three times since then already. Already. Hee. Carefully because believe me it hurts if I even try to do what I used to (could) do. (syntax error) (hee)

So that’s major coolage.

I also sent my email update today and there was lots of cool stuff to say, like, I had forgotten how much cool stuff was going on. But you all know. I forget, I get in these funks with all the flashbacks. Bonk! Okay. Balance that perspective again.

Well, I gotta rest. 🙂

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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