Grand Canyon I – Sketch




This is the sketch that Amy drew of the photo that Marty took:

GrandCanyonI used a sepia colored pencil for this because I have such light colors going on, and such detail. The detail, speaking of which, will come through more in the painting, less in the sketching. I really look forward to the colors of this …

Jason and I have a cold that my counselor gaveth me on Friday. Bah. In August? Yes. It apparently happens.

That being said, it didn’t hit me/us until AFTER the one-take vocal of Standing in the Doorway by Bob Dylan Saturday morning. Yay. Well, I did have to do one punch-in where I didn’t get the nod on the last stanza. See, I need the nod. Heh. Just tell me where to come in, and I’m good. And give me a lyric sheet. Always. Ain’t none of it my head.

I really feel good/great about the vocal. We are going to add lots of layers, so it will be some time before you will hear it though. It’s not for any project, so it should be a freebie. Hooray!

Other than that, lovely slowww walkies with Chipper yesterday and this morning. Chipper was also sick over night his own self, and today we’re all sick as bugs. Bah.

But Jason’s roasting a pot roast with red wine, onions, garlic and rosemary from our garden. Tomorrow I prepare the vegetables we got at Lewis Orchard in the downpour. Today is sunny as can be. Lovely.

We did do a short walk to Gunner’s Lake to feed the turtles (!), ducks and a file of Canadian Geese who came over from their island, a whole loaf of good bread. We’ll be back. We showed them our empty hands and the ducks, apparently smarter than the geese, traipsed back off to the island straightaway, while the geese kept looking back up at us like, whaaa? where’s the beef?

Tomorrow morning I’m back to the lake with a friend and her toddler for the whole way ’round — ! and then back to be here for someone in maintenance to fix our washer. You see we renewed our rental lease since 2003 and asked for fresh vinyl and they even replaced it in that tiny space where the w/d are … but we just realized today that the washer won’t turn on. Eep! So while I’m doing veggies and painting tomorrow, hopefully that will be arighted.

Other than that, I’m a sick bunny, and going back to bed. But pleased to have at least produced a quick sketch. OH! Jason found the Chinese Rainbow Mountains, three fotos of them, but I joked I would start small, with the GRAND CANYON. Ha.



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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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