Grand Canyon I – IV

DSC_4741It’s quite modular, don’t you think? Heh. As much as I dreamt of layering with watercolor-like brushstrokes, geometry has won here. Me likey, though. Do you? Last night and today I put in some darker vertebrae to the landscape … quite against the original foto.

Yet I continue to study the original with much fondness, for color ratios and erosion patterns, nonetheless. I’m not sure what I’m getting from it at this point, but something … still. Yet …

Yesterday we fed the ducks, almost without them coming, they were so late to cross the lake! I had almost given up patience on them I was hurting so in the back and abdomen … strangely, but then they came and we fed them the loaf. 🙂

Then I folded linens and made the bed carefully, so … it was nice. I find that it’s dawning upon me that one of the major things about my disabilities is that I’m exceedingly SLOW at everything. The flashbacks and the physical and emotional pain slow me down tremendously if not stop me altogether. Harumph. I’m not the energizer bunny, but I do try.

The freshly made bed was a comfort to Chipper, who did mini-bites on my pillow, we found later, immediately.

I encourage him to bite, though.

He’s made a sizable hole in the lining of the chaise lounge in the den in the past week, digging, so we’ve since covered it up with a matching sheet we’ve had for six years. Just for that purpose. Heh.

We have had glorious Summer walkies, the past two days, Chipper and I. Just enjoying the breezes and his newly beloved breezeways between the apartments, where he stops and his ears almost flip back and he tips up his nose to breathe it all in.

The new park is coming along … and I do so hope Chipper will be around to walk it for longtime with me … 🙂 … it seems to be taking FOREVER … as well as the new ampitheater … although I adore the industrial equipment, right?

Speaking of industrial, I am tomorrow sending out the pacquete to the mid-Atlantic scrap metal company … with great hopes … I do allow this … I will call them next week …

And on an unrelated note … companies … government … NSA … surveillance. What do you think of this? Now when it first came out I was all against the Patriot Act because it seemed so incredibly INVASIVE. Now that I’ve had a bit of time to unlax about it, and truly think about it, I mean terrorists could be among us anywhere. However, however, warrantless spying is incredibly invasive in a democracy. I’m incredibly torn about this.

My hero among heroes, Former President Jimmy Carter has come out and said something like … it is “beneficial” that Snowden has come forward with the evidence of the extent of government spying for the sake of national debate in our democracy, however Snowden is accountable for his treasonous crimes.

And I am a firm believer in civil liberties and free speech, so what are the limitations of government power on this issue? I’m at a loss, you all, but I raise a glass of cabernet to you to continue the free discussion …

Alas, that is all I can offer … questions in a free society …

Went for a walk at Gunner’s Lake with a friend today and it was delightful, warm and breezy.

Came home to cook the week’s meal of lemon herb chicken, rosemary potatoes, only to have to balk at the fresh corn. My left hand couldn’t handle it, so we will go with fresh sliced tomatoes to go with for tonight, and Jason thankfully will pick up the slack.

Now to rest me. To the freshly-made bed I go, and slowly. Hee. Take care, and keep enjoying your freedom to speak your mind, eh? Peace out …


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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