Grand Canyon I – VIII

DSC_4755Today while Jason recorded Karl Straub and Bart Adams on guitar and drums respectively, I painted …

Here I’ve added on to what I started yesterday, but did not post, as I was grumpy. Because of not remembering to take the morning’s meds I was atypically quite nonverbal, but did paint for my regular time, as well as rest a great deal, yesterday, while Dennis Nielsen was over recording guitar.

I discovered (!) that I had in the Spring ordered Raw Umber and put it on the palette yesterday, a fresh one. Now I have never worked with Raw Umber before and it is a delight, reminding me of skin colors I created in watercolor (Desert Landscape) in the past.

I mixed that with Neutral Gray, Naples Yellow, Titanium White and a tad (teeny, I say) of Iron Oxide — and a good deal of clear Acrylic Glazing Liquid — and had fun making a “new” color — it’s quite a marvelous feeling and rush to see a new one form before your eyes when it’s not, and sometimes when it is mud. I happen to like what mud can do on a canvas when the mineral separates out and you can shape it into textures.

I did create shapes yesterday and today, hieroglyphs and codes and characters of Native American form did make it through the edit. To be sure, in three colors. Upon even closer inspection, you may see tiny dots of color I have left for … fun?

However, it remains code-like.

Me likey, and called it a painting day, and laid myself downe.

New interest in Twitter because of new follower — search if you are into the tweets, me: amyjacksoncc, then one of my “followers” who I am also humbly due to my comparably less pithedness and much relatively lengthedness of pithe … Karl Straub — for he excellethe in the pithe … hence and therefore … aka very funny and talented musician as well

and that all being said I will rest againe, it being foure pme


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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