Grand Canyon I – IX

DSC_4757Coming along yesterday and today a bit but I was cooking for several hours yesterday so no time to blog. My apologies!

Today I added new detail to the hieroglyphs section because they seemed a bit too dark. I mixed Neutral Gray with Titanium White to get a cream, oddly. I then added back a bit of Burnt Umber to contrast back.

Speaking of odd, there are so many styles of painting in this piece … but I digress …

Then I went up top and added Burnt Umber mixed with Prussian Blue to make a mountain ribbon, close to the shapes at the top of the foto to the right. Yes.

Then I used the Raw Umber liberally to mix tads of Burnt Umber as tailings, you know what I mean? to scumble or dibble or ? you know what I mean? can you see what I did at the top of the mountain there? What do you call that?

Then I wanted to do the mountain over in that. However, the Red Oxide and Burnt Umber do NOT want to do that together. I tried that and had to very quickly get the paint off of the canvas there. I reconstructed veins there instead. Harumph. And thus and so.


Sometimes simpler is better, right?

Then I painted the rock face to the far right, and I just HAD to fill in the rest of the lower range with Red Oxide and Burnt Umber/Prussian Blue with a large bright brush! In fact, I’ve used seven brushes today! Usually I use at the most, three. Stellar day for brush usage. In fact, I remarked to Jason that one needs replacing for overuse. The bright da Vinci 8 I use EVERY time almost. It barely bends in half at this point and has the whiskers that are so pesky. Hmmm.

So then I painted in the sandy outcropping the far left. It needs a green tree and a little touching up.

And then there is the sky. Etc. This is fun.

Oh, by the way — new Show!

The Richard Dempsey Memorial Gallery
Takoma Park Community Center
November 8 – January 5
Takoma Park, MD

Featuring ten Ready to Live paintings. Hurrah! Very excited about this! I will be pushing one Grand Canyon canvas forward toward Vietnam Jungle, in order to paint the fourteenth in the Ready to Live series, next, based on a Cumberland Island photograph of mine — another Live Oak! speaking of excited. I love trees so much.

I have to go eat dinner as it is very very late in the day.

However. I went to the urologist today and have a cystoscopy scheduled for a week from tomorrow to look at the bladder, to see if we can determine why I was bleeding so significantly last week. It has since stopped. Yay!

Okay. More tomorrow, eh?

Take care. Oh! I have gone from 7 to 74 followers on Twitter since Sunday night. Woo! Very excited about this progress as well! Whee! 🙂


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