Ready to Live XIV – II

DSC_4773Here you may be able to see where yesterday I trimmed the trees up with many many layers of Titanium White? I would draw a deep breath, and say or think, Reach!

… to paint the long lines upward, clearly and straight.

… or curvy as it may be, but determinedly.

Still is very hard to type, mind you — finger still hurting — bah.

… and this morning, Jason and I still with the cold …

I still made use of the perfect daylight this early afternoon and what little energy I have today, to paint in the bolts of growth and playful green, somewhat dinosaur-like, possibly dragon-like or mythological, but definitely playful — shapes — among the greenery below the trees.

and now I must rest me

Jason bought us some ready meals for tonight and tomorrow night just in case cooking for the week doesn’t happen for the next two days, along with Alka Seltzer Cold and Mucinex DM Extra Strength – gah but we’ve got something. Weird to be sick when it’s this pretty — always a surreal feeling to be sick or sad when it’s nice out.

Lots of flashbacks slowing me down, from very early childhood …

and my left side sharp pain is considerable, but not so much while standing for a short period. In bed even resting I have to keep flipping. Did yoga this morning. Trying to meditate in bed, and more nightmares last night. Very spaced out tho because of the cold and meditating is easier now, but the flashbacks still are jolting and make me sad …

the Percocet script is ready but I prolly won’t get til — ? not sure, in Rockville — maybe tomorrow … I have enough for the next few days …

okay, about that resting …


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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