Ready to Live XIV – IV

DSC_4784Here I have added two new colors: a new mid-Lime and and a new mid-Gray. Grey.

With some great detail and patience, and no small use of the knees and the back, which just told me, in no small words, STOP, That will be enough for the day! Harumph. — I painted all I could.

Having a great deal of fun with the puzzling of it, I must say, none of it planned, a sketch from the subconscious. Ereconscious.

Outing last night went without a hitch.

Cystoscopy as well. All healthy, and picked up the scripts, all of them, since the deductible hits this weekend, right? eep!

Eep, indeed.

Memories from the playhouse, from Summer, from first grade in the yellow dress, the favorite, while painting — quite surreal — hearing music I couldn’t describe to anyone, although I did try —

So very tired. And now to rest me, post a bit of yoga to get some kinks out … thanks, as always for listening …



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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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