Ready to Live XV – II

DSC_4832I used a very fine round brush to detail the Mars Black lines in the mountain below first, this afternoon, and it raised my spirits some.

Then I picked the same sky blue as the one for the Grand Canyon I for the sky for this piece, and it was the perfect consistency still, thankfully. Go perfect blue sky mix!

Still down today but painting and Nature and Jason and Chipper have helped me tons, along with a cathartic talk with his Mom, Arlene. Just sympathetic ears. Understanding, and Jason’s saying that no matter what the outcome, I did my best and to let it go, to try.

I’m trying also to remember that to a certain extent being down is a choice. I’m trying, guys. 🙂

It couldn’t be lovelier outside, and I wore my fun, flirty purple dress, and then the pale cotton sweater on the indoors because somehow it got chilly. I love it. My feet even got cold for the first time last night before bed, almost requiring SOCKS — NO! Socks are kind of a bother in my world. Comforting bothers.

I much prefer barefoot freedom and warm feet. I cannot stand cold feet, cold anything, but do like cardigans very much, shawls, and scarves. Not so much pants. Heh.

Now I’ve switched to comfy sleep clothes, having taken Chipper for afternoon walkies, by the covered up, bare, pool, alas, and am lavender sleep pants, pale purple cotton aforementioned sweater, and pale peach tee.

I’m going to paint for a while longer although I could so curl up in bed and just be a woe of woes. This is my choice, you all. I am choosing to participate.

I think I’m going to mix kind of a peachy red for lines between the scallops of the scalloped shell, before beginning to paint anything lighter, or darker, what have you, ?, in. But I was at a good stopping place, and decided to check in.

Take care. Tomorrow Ready to Live IX reaches the bitter end coffeehouse in Grand Rapids, Michigan, my dear bebe. How very exciting to have created something and sent it so very far away, for someone dear to open with equal excitement, to hang on a wall, to share with many others. ArtPrize 2013. Woo! That’s very cool, in my mind, heart and soul, to have been able to done that. Be well. 🙂


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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2 Responses to Ready to Live XV – II

  1. Love the striation of colors banding at the bottom.

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