Ready to Live XV – III

DSC_4836I mixed up a deep, dark peachy red out of the darkest Cadmium Red, some Red Oxide and  some Naples Yellow, and lined all the Scallop lines with a small round brush, don’t you know. Took meticulous skills. Which apparently I have from time to time. It’s not all perfect, which is okay, because the other peachy red, which you see there, the lighter one, will cover over the lines, just enough.

Speaking of which, I mixed up another, lighter peachy red, made up of all the reds, the Red Oxide, the Naples Yellow, a good bit of Titanium White (indeed) and a good bit of Acrylic Glazing Liquid, thankfully, because this mix is built to last for several days of painting.

My intention, we shall see if this is so, but it is to paint within the lighter peachy red with an even lighter peach when I’m done, to mimic the real Scallop shell’s coloring and dimensions. Not sure. Hmmm.

The Conch shell plan is to be pale PINK, not peach, with a rose interior, and perhaps brown, i.e., sable striping. We shall see.

Now I realize my painting is not perfect. There are many many perfectionist painters out there who can paint a shell(s) to perfection as if they had taken a photograph. Now I can take a photo as good as anyone. Right? This is meant to be imperfect and grabbable, a painting that you can relate to. To which one can relate. AS it were. A bit on the funky side even.

I gave in to my, I want to go back to bed, after walkies, side, after walkies, and it felt delicious and sad. I could truly feel the need to cuddle up and wrap those covers ’round me tightly. And hard. Chipper curled up next to me and we were all set. Don’t you know.

I ran the wash of a blanket Jason had asked me to, and listened while it ran, my back to the window, because of the way Chipper had chosen to lay himself down, looking at the tin clipped out Sun we have hanging there.

It was quite therapeutic, for about an hour and a half, and then I was ready to be released.

I got up to the computer and wrote my email update, but have not sent it. Was not ready to attach all the addresses yet. For tomorrow, I see.

Did, however begin to paint, which went well.

My mood today is somewhat better, although my gut feels like a sunken ship. A sunken garden. Hmmm. Indeed. Had a great deal of trouble walking today with Chipper, as if I didn’t fit in my body at all, a stranger, all around, a spook.

Wore my deep lavender gray Anthropologie dress of six years now, with a chocolate cami and Anthropologie bracelet which has all sorts of vintage thingummies on it (a watch face, rhinestones, pieces of vintage jewelry flowers), and my fave tan clogs with shortie black socks. Yum. Feel quite in saison.

Getting dressed and painting cheer me up each day, I’ve realized.

And I’m eating the hell out of some simple saltines right now. I used to get in trouble for eating too many and not saving them for soup. Eep! not anymore!

So it seems that each day, as predicted, my spirits are getting a bit better. Something.

I made an appointment with the spine surgeon for next Wednesday for checking out the persistent sharp pain on the left lower back. So hopefully we can figure that out.

Now to yoga, and meditate, I hope, while resting. Namaste!


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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