Ready to Live XV – IV

DSC_4839Here I’ve eventually completed the initial deep peachy red and deeper peachy red of the Scallop shell … hooray! which did take two days of painting. I do intend to come back and brush in some highlights of paler somethings into the inside of the shell, very carefully. But next, I will begin the Conch Shell.

My thought is to mix the paint mixes for that shell, and see what I get, and use some of the lighter paint for the inner mix for the inner paint for the Scallop shell. Hmmm? Yes.

I used Cadmium Orange and Cadmium Red with the deep peachy red mix to make the deeper red mix for the outer red mix for the Scallop shell. I must admit that painting the Scallop shell was most satisfying. La.

I did see the psychiatrist today and told her of the persisting depression, that though try as I might, will not budge. So she upped my Prozac by ten mg, and will see me in December. All of that was really totally up to me, mind you. She is very nice.

But hopefully that will help. We think that coming off the lo loestrin (estrogen) due to blood clots in July has caused the depression this time. So. Hopefully this will help. Bah.

I laugh at this quietly.

Although it is rather serious, me not being happy lately. Bah. It is hard on me and Jason and Chipper, even. And my friends.

I laugh when I talk about being depressed but they know me.

The pizze is on the way, however. Nice. We had such a rainstorm tonight, but that means cooler weather is on the way and me likey. Yes. It has been hot the past three days. Not that I mind HOT mind you, but I need for it to be hot and stay hot and be cool and stay cool. For me to be used to the season. Apparently it will now be cool. Nice.

Got the email update out finally, since Monday. Agh.

Now have 213 followers on Twitter, although it goeth up and downe. They can’t decide, can’t they? Funny.

Okay, I should go and get on to some black edges of paintings before the pizze comes. Thank you for listening, and for your patience, between times. Eh? Really. šŸ™‚


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