Ready to Live XV – V

DSC_4846Here I’ve made significant progress with the inner Conch shell. I made a pink of Cadmium Red, Burnt Umber, and Titanium White, for the outermost left layer, then a sandalwood shade, with more Burnt Umber, a tad of red, a tad of white for the outermost right reachings of the shell.

I made a pale pink for the inner glow stripe and painted her in, then a deep redwood red for the innermost shadow.

Then I created from Naples Yellow and lots of Titanium White, the overall color of the Conch Shell, leaving room for two more colors, the stripe and the inner shadow.

I’ve been down and up and down and up … hanging in there.

The weather could not be lovelier, however, and it inspires me beyond beliefe. We had that storm, and then it was coolness on the other side. And acorns and leaves, sticks and stems strewn all about. And no more gnats buggin. Yes. Me likey the freshness the good storm leaves.

Yesterday Karl and Sam came and recorded guitar, vocals and piano, organ. And it was good, productive. Jason is almost ready to mix several songs now. This makes me so happy for him.

I’ve almost finished the book about interviews with twenty-five American poets, I’m almost ready to write on the novel again, and have decided a) to ready Ortega y Gasset on the road and b) to study Santiago Calatrava at home. You see I have two portable books by the former and two extremely beautiful and heavy ones by the latter. I’m hoping/dreaming to create a series of paintings derived from study b). Yay! But next up after this painting will be the Vietnam Jungle painting series, with the next three canvases, and what a lovely time for it.

Still feeling very raw all over, very fragile and hurt, but somewhat magical because of the changing of the seasons. I look around sometimes and don’t recognize my life. Is this me, my studio?


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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