Vietnam Jungle I – II

DSC_4862Here I’ve complete the mid-green foliage the the left and right. To the left is somewhat in code. Hee. Not that I understand what it says, mind you.

Then I made a new lime, not a cheerful one, and painted the middle starlike foliage. Then I painted with Sap Green, a background shape, and a foreground, Pop Art, shape like a funky hand piece of foliage.

The piece is beginning to take on some character, methinks.

I have been doing yoga carefully, and meditating, but still fairly down.

Painting has been helpful, for sure, though, and I’m really enjoying the process of this piece, painstaking as it is, bits of paint at a time.

Yesterday and today, Karl has been working on his music here with Jason while I’ve painting, or reading, mostly Yoga Journal but also Coastal Living and Art in America. Well I must say I only read the former.

The latter two, well, I skim at my best. Coastal Living made me want to go to the beach houses and the beach so very badly I almost wanted to scream, but it was very helpful for inspiring beachy spirit and paintings. Which is why I chose it as one of my free subscriptions. Beautiful, and I can’t help but wonder about climate change for these people … ?

Art in America reminded me for the first time of Jack Kerouac, namely because we just watched the movie On the Road. But secondly because Jason had asked me what I thought about the movie and the movement and I said what I’ve long thought — they were acting out against a repressive 50s boxy conformism that was ready to bust out all over in the 60s, only they were ahead of their time. As were the jazz musicians. They were responding to their time as all artists and poets and musicians worth their salt … do.

Well, so I see some, well a lot, of art out there getting OUT there that I would not describe as remotely beautiful and sometimes downright sick and revolting on purpose. Because they are responding to the way the time makes them FEEL. I grant them that. But I don’t want to see it, right? Heh. That’s why art is subjective.

I myself sometimes find something less than beautiful in my paintings, pain for example. And sometimes I edit all that out. I want my work to be inspiring is why. I want it to be about beauty and fun and jazz. Right?

So …

Now I should rest again. In lots of pain, exhausted, flashbacks, you name it, per se …

Beautiful beautiful weather, btw …



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