Vietnam Jungle I – IV

DSC_4876Now I’ve finished painting in the dark Sap Green behind the starlike foliage in the middle left, for I’ve decided to paint the rest in Chrome Green, and … something else, I haven’t decided as of yet.

In the middle right, I added the brightest lime mix, so far, to the funky hand foliage exterior, and filled in every other space, where I had sketched in more funky foliage-like, stuff. Me likey.

Then, below the mid-left star-like foliage, I painted with the brightest lime again, the curvy pointy foliage just beneath it, which was quite satisfying.

I pulled out Chrome Green straight from the tube for a whole new green, thinking of Rousseau and his fun jungles, and all those greens he created. 🙂

I used the Chrome Green to edge every other funky foliage shape in the middle of the painting, which did take some time … then to quickly jot in the globular plants to the upper right, and the sketched leaves in the upper center of the gray tree in the middle. Then I painted in a little of the darkness around the starlike foliage in the middle left — much more to do there.

I created a new pale green with Terre Verte Hue, and equal parts of Hansa Yellow Medium and Titanium White. Then I used some of it to make the light background beginnings around the upper left, and to redo the background of the spiky plants to the middle right center.

It has been a quiet day. A lot of back pain, and I’ve not been able to avoid flashbacks about one older abuser haunting me. Bah. Persisted with the painting, however.

Did finish the free Vogue issue, though, and took it to the ladies in the rental office next door, which they delightedly accepted, as always. Turns out they would like the Yoga Journals when I’m done as well! Yay!

As luck would have it, there was mention of a glorious new exhibit at the Arthur Sackler Galler at the Smithsonian, which opens on my birthday this year, October 26:

There is also an current exhibit on Japanese painting, one on Buddhist paintings coming up I believe, and one on Buddhist sculpture that opens on December 1, so we plan to go around then, otherwise, to go on my birthday would be a VERY busy day. I’m thrilled to see so much of interest there, and so much about my beloved Yoga/Buddhism!


I have been very much more at peace yesterday and today. It is possible that it’s because I’ve been meditating with Nature sounds the past two nights? I’m not sure at all what is changing. But I’ll take it. There is still, as has been the case for decades, a well of deep depression/sadness within me, kind of a ghostly feeling, a haunting … and I still feel a kind of weepiness about myself … but not the lack of motivation and debilitating feelings I had, say, two-three days ago.

I don’t like not knowing, feeling helpless about, what changed about my depression, the keys to me. Helplessness and the unknown don’t go well with PTSD. Oh well. I won’t gripe anymore. I’ll just be blessed that I’m feeling better, eh?


I’m glad the painting is coming along.

This Saturday we plan to record with Dennis Nielsen, on the Joni Mitchell project, the first cut on her album Blue, All I Want. I’m looking forward to singing again.

The same day, we’re headed to Takoma Park, MD for a very quick turnaround pickup trip to ARTSpring there for some artwork. Buseee.

Tomorrow we will be packing up 10 pieces of Tropical Paintings for the Beanetics show which will hang this upcoming Tuesday. I’m looking forward to all of that. The opening will be from 2-4 pm on 10/20 in Annandale, VA. Woo! You all come! YUM!

Okay, time to rest me … and meditate with some crickets or something …


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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