Vietnam Jungle I – V

DSC_4879You know I don’t realize how much I’ve done until I look back at the previous blog. It seems like there is so much left to do … Hee … still, I guess I have painted a lot today. I haven’t painted in several days.

I completely lost the light lime mix from the last blog, totally dried up on me — that hasn’t happened in longtime. Bah.

I have been preparing for the Beanetics show for many days since the last blog, wrapping and actually FINDING three paintings, then stringing two that have never been shown. (!)

Then I was writing new materials for the Dempsey Gallery of the Takoma Park Community Center Show in November that are due tomorrow — eep! but I met all deadlines there.

We picked up half of my artwork that has been found at Artspring Takoma Park and will go back for the rest another time, yesterday, then whipped it to get back for a recording session with Dennis Nielsen.

I woke up at three am yesterday am (not last night) and am still paying for it with energy level and surreality perception/flashback levels up.

I have flashed for two hours straight on one memory that eludes me as to why and have just had to deal with the upset. There is no negotiation. Just deal.

Speaking of that sort of thing …

I sent a message to the site saying “hold that line, Mr. President” basically … debt ceiling, Obamacare, XL Pipeline … “they are just being mean.” I mean, I mean, really — draw your line in the sand and stick by it. What are they going to do, have a fist fight? It might be easier.


I really really hope the government doesn’t shut down. It is hell for this area and hell for anyone looking for work. Just not a good solution, you all.

We are watching disc 2 of the National Parks by Ken Burns. It is hard. and beautiful, right? I mean, thank goodness for the saving of the lands, that we … took from the Native Americans “by force” the documentary says itself. In one sentence as it were. One sentence, mind you, kind of. Where is that documentary, Mr. Burns? How many discs is that?

Okay. Anyway … so we’re watching, and they have to back then protect the parks with the Army from sheep and cattle herders and people wanting to cater (to put it very lightly, mind you) to tourists.

And I thought, this morning, putting the fake tears into my contact lenses gratefully, thank goodness for the government part of the FDA that made sure that somebody put really good stuff into the fake tears bottle instead of water or JUNK — because they totally could have, right? if not for the FDA — good government — gets shut down, right?

and I think of the movie Oklahoma which is my little reference, my little itty bitty experience of the traveling salesman from back then, the quackeryman in his coach — and the thousands upon thousands of them …

and the parabens and lead in my Chanel lipstick right? that passed the FDA anyway because of lobbyists anyHOO — full of petroleum derivatives somehow and everywhere by now — amazing — … and invasive — shhh

so …

hold that line, tote that bail and don’t shut down our government if you please —


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