Vietnam Jungle I – VI

DSC_4880Does anyone remember Harvest Gold? Golden Brown? ahh, kind of a terrible bad faux pas of a color really but in a good way. Don’t go velvet, though. Anyhoo. I found a shade in my palette, and yes, I went there for the jungle. It will be lifted up, as now it is bit strong in the piece, as any new lime might be.

And I haven’t even begun the water! Ack! hee.

Speaking kind of, of watery things — my ovarian cyst of 6 cm — she is gone gone! this is a wonderful thing, for had she stayed, I would have been worried and she would have remained worrisome. Yes!

Also on the good news front this week, I am now formally mentally disabled for 18 months, pending healthcare treatment improvement(s), and on Medicare retroactively since last 9/1/12. Sigh of relief for some medical bills and such and so.

I was in denial and shock the first night, and I must say, it is a strange anti-job status to be in, but it is very helpful with the daily bills and medical care.

The weather is warm again this week and for the first time in many weeks yesterday I wore a dress, no tights with clogs and socks, scarf and ruffled hoodie.

Today, however, all in long black maxi, with mini chaqueta, for the sonogram, and my … erg … monthly cycle. Pain!

But I’d rather not have blood clots from estrogen, so there you go.

The flashbacks are fierce, and I’ve been having severe headaches for several days, which may also have been caused by the cycle.

I started the minimally upped dose of Prozac on Saturday so in a few weeks should possibly see some stabilization of mood (giggly again?) from that.

Certainly not giggly for the past months. Where’d she go? Emphasis on she.

Harumph. But so much good news and good things happening. That’s what I mean. Where is my good old positive perky self? ARgh.

Anyhoo. 🙂

I’m okay. Sorry for not posting as much lately, too. That’s no fun for me, either. I’m having a time with this painting, it truly is painstaking, and not every day am I up for much these days. Plus, a lot going on in life. Life. 🙂

Oh, and the government bruhaha. Ahem. The GOP needs to chill the eff out and pass a clean budget.

We are going to be in a very serious debt crisis, an unprecedented one, btw, if they don’t. And the rich need to pay their taxes. Bah. Nuff said. Seriously. Get real.

Even President Reagan agreed with that. So glad to see moderate Republicans breaking with the extremists. And you know they are paid to be thataway. Dissssgusting. Bah. Vote ’em out if I could.


What’s a girl to do?

Rest. Meditate for world … balance? centrism? common sense as perhaps our dear Benjamin Franklin would say? For God’s sake!


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