Vietnam Jungle I – VIII

DSC_4888And there I have not only completed the upper half of the painting by filling in the space, but I’ve strengthened that area, and done some balancing, and WHATNOT. As it were.

Not done painting for the night, but stopped to give you a peek. At this juncture.

Cheers to you all this October Saturday night, whereas I be having some Pumpkick Belgian Fall Seasonal Ale, as it were. Yum. Hmmmm.


The Beatles are playing at the moment on Radio Paradise, You Never Give Me/The End. I’m getting better at listening to The Beatles. I have so many brother-related flashbacks, you see. It’s hard. “gotta get a belly full of wine …”

Followed by station break, don’t you know? who can follow — erm, Toad the Wet Sprocket. I guess so. “Where everything’s better, and everything’s safe.” okayyyy

Jason and I both woke up wanting to go back to bed today. Never a good sign. Actually when I came back from walkies I wanted to stay out … but went back to bed. ?

Eventually after a few hours got up and made a list of administrative arty things I have to do before I forget them altoghether, and put them aside for tomorrow or Monday, that day of doing all things, initiative-wise, in my mind. And began painting a bit.

Flashbacks of being left in the motel room with … and … bah. and old Christmas memories have already started. Something awful. Nothing I can do about it really anymore but just witness the movies over and over. There’s no talking to them when they’re up.

Now I’d like to paint some watery bits. Boy, I’m really challenged by this, except that when I was studying the piece and the photo earlier, Green River by Creedence Clearwater Revival came on Radio Paradise, and truly in the foto the river is green in places. That makes me hopeful, and think, How am I gonna do that? Herm.

I love challenges though, right? Used to, anyway. Lately they stress me the hell out. Bah. Sigh.

I’ll just do my best.

See, it’s a mix of black and dark green and lime and gray and white. And a reflective quality that is just indescribably … er, challenging. You either go for the picture perfect, which I don’t, or the impressionist/expressionistic — that.

Kay — blue jean shorts today are just wearing ME, right? it’s that kind of day. maybe that makes sense to you. Mazzy Star comes on. And that is perfect. Signing off … Fade into you …


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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2 Responses to Vietnam Jungle I – VIII

  1. I love the colors of those foreground greens.

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