Vietnam Jungle I – IX

DSC_4897Mais Oui, there is progress. Reflection. I would swear that there are fish nibbling at greens under the surface of the waters there. I can feel them. Can you? At the edges there, appearing.

I must, I DARE, yes, I go to that length, to say that I was fairly challenged to begin today’s painting of the reflections and the water today. Yesterday (was it yesterday? I know not, truly) I painted the wispity tree there in the foreground, quite painstakingly, yet that was EASY, comparatively, to the task of the water. Right?

But once I decided to start at the deep green edges, it was a lark, truly. Hee. Go figure. I used pared down (acrylic glazing liquid) Sap Green and bits of my lime green mix in crazy ways … and wonderland ways. Listening to Jefferson Airplane and such on Radio Paradise and having flashbacks of Christmases longggg past. Oh. It makes for a strange jungle, not so innocent.

Yesterday much more administrative arty things that wore me out. Lots of back and knee breaking black edging of paintings for the November Takoma Park show. Ow. But must be done, eh? Yes. Almost done, but ’tis a labor of love and must be done perfectly right. There is not another way. In my mind. So be it. So that took me away from you yesterday.

Cleaning a good part of the day with Jason today, and taking photos of a dear friend/neighbor who is actually (!) moving back to her dear home ground of Grand Rapids, MI very soon. Sadly. Wah. Seriously. We are cleaning for two random inspections in two days for the apartment complex, which needs to be done anyhoo, and the photos are for Craigslist, a hat, a chaqueta that doesn’t fit, and three pairs of Converse (cute!) tennies that I never wore. Oddly I don’t like tie-ons anymore. Prefer slip-ons with the back don’t you know?


Have been meaning to do vocals for as many days but so many things to do. bah. Will happen but … not sure when. Mayhap Friday?

Tomorrow lunch with another friend, yay!

Can tell the Prozac, on the second week at the higher dose is starting to help, but I’m a bit ditzy. A bit too active in the brain. That happened when we upped the Abilify last time as well. This too shall pass.

Tonight we shall have Asian stir-fry with tofu and veggies, a la Amy. Yum. We’ve had a lot of treat meals lately so it should be a good change.

Again, and still, if possibly, even more, the weather, the colors, the trees tipping bright colors on top of the green, is incredibly inspiring. iNdeScriBable. I don’t know how they deal without Autumn and seasons in places without deciduous trees.

I feel as though I’m a bit of a spinning top at the moment due to the stimulation of the Prozac. Thankfully she only added me up by 10 mg. Gah. One big pulse of me. ~~~



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