Vietnam Jungle I – X

DSC_4901This is going really smoothly and is really therapeutic at the same time, dreamy work. Dreamwork. I recalled Lorna Doone in the dark pool to the lower mid-right, evuhn. See, that some really olde stuff for me. I read and re-read up to a certain point in that book, almost lost in the pool, a natural one, where Lorna herself would sit. I wouldn’t finish the book, would only read up to that certain point over and over. I think Mother finally made me return it to the library.

A fellow classmate, in consternation, finally read the ending and she gets killed at the altar or something totally dreadful. I can’t tell you, because, of course, I haven’t read the book.

Riders in the Storm comes on right now. Totally eerie.

Okay. So that was a popular tune when I was reading the book and she had evil, evuhlll, brothers. Okay. Shh.


Made a good deal of progress on the painting today. Don’t get lost in the pool in the Vietnam Jungle. Word to the wise.

Had an absolutely lovely time with my friend at lunch today. Hooray. She is also going to start painting this weekend. She is an architect, with a painter/engineer father and artist son, so she is THERE, so there.

Chilly today, so over the light wool sweater went the light wool scarf. Thrilling. and you cannot rush the Autumn dog.

Tomorrow is supposed to be EVEN COOLER and this is just wonderful news.

Meanwhile the government shutdown continues to irk the world.

I have decided and tweeted, mind you, that I am a democrat/socialist/entrepreneurial/naturalist/artist/intellectual and er, Buddhist. I forgot that last bit on the Tweet. Argh. It’s in there, though, implicitly, compassionately, I think, don’t you? Oh well.

So that was fairly brave of me, yes? the S word? See what gets me is that most Americans don’t know what that word means and associate it automatically with the C word. Damnit. Because idealogically, politically, systemically. Well. There is a huge difference. It irks me. It irks. There’s basically not a discussion. Just name-calling and fear. Where in the world … ? how did we get here? the 1950s or something? Ida know.

I mean, in the sixties, just hanging out and listening to adults talk on TV and on the radio and in the AIR you know people talked more than they do now.

What happened? the Cold War?


Anyhoo. I would like to, personally, on my own itty behalf, open the discussion back up. Ahem.

And thus and so.

Also, what happened to educational reform? I mean, in the sixties it was wide open? and now? you can barely talk of getting better school lunches? just saying. Talk it up. Folks.

Sigh …


That’s my two cents for the night.

I made a healthy sesame garlic spicy veggie stir fry for us tonight and it steameth now. Jason is playing with fun beats in the music studio.

I feel like the little engine that could, and the silly government is shut down on the brink of financial default. Silly silly government. Common Sense! Come on, GUYS!


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