Vietnam Jungle II – Sketch

vietnamjungleonwaterIt is with much gratitude to the stranger photographer that I dedicate this painting. All of these photographs are going to be to the unknown photographers, and will not really resemble the fotos ultimately, because I am wild, like the places they tried to capture with their lenses. Can’t be done, really. I’m all about the wild things, places, I’ve decided. It’s even more emphasized in my “artist” bio as of last week. Heh.

I also send up these images out of order, in the hopes that the poor dears on FB get a new image, because they’ve already seen the one above. I’d like for them to see the one below, of the attempted sketch. You see, there is no justice in my world. It’s nothing, like, really. Wildness can’t be captured, but we shall see what the painting, what the colors shall bring.

DSC_4912Good luck with that image. The sketch is there. Doggone it. I swear. You might have to click on it, per usual.

There is considerable more foliage and less sky in my version, and that is not intentional, for example, for I was looking forward to painting that charcoal, furious sky. Ah, well.

I also took down most of the artwork for the November Dempsey Gallery show and will start wrapping them this week, as well as curating my own walls. Fun. Great to let some stored paintings breathe for a while, eh?

Listened to Billie Holiday for most of the morning yesterday, and finally had to shut down Louis Armstrong on, Weary Blues, oddly, after almost a full day of him. Wanting some Duke Ellington somethin’ fierce, after Karl Straub, who’s been recording music here for several months now and will be for some time — yay! — shared some Ellington with us on Friday. Wow — not like I hadn’t heard Ellington before. But I’d like a day or a morning of Ellington, don’t you know?

Ahh. We are so blessed in this country with great music. I remember missing our music on a bus from Barcelona to London … one sad long-ass ride many moons ago. Some kind of really bad disco was playing on the radio with some kind of beat. I mean the Gypsy Kings could have kicked their ass, on the radio, just then, or the man with the guitar we had seen and tipped in the street the night before. But not particularly, just, then.

It hit me just then, and I felt blessed like a rocket …

Now that’s not to say that I love all US music ever or now. Long discussion, eh? Apparently there are like 6-7 men who own the industry and determine what gets played now? Meh. That’s no good. So … not to get into all of that. I like me some free and independently distributed, alternative and greaaattt music from anywhere in the world. Yes, I do.

This morning my right hip kind of dislocated after bath and I had to do emergency yoga before continuing forward. Fortunately that worked. That was a first. Usually anything that is going to happen, is on the left. Pretty tweaky back today, but did figure out (!) that I can edge paintings in a new way, by sitting on the ottoman in the studio, better light and better on the back and knees that way. This is a major understanding for me. Only two paintings are left to do tiny edging details for the November Dempsey Gallery show, then to be strung and voila!

Wrap and go. Well, wrap and wait and go. Hee.

It is going to be an intense period of time during the three receptions period, eh? I am going to try to rest up and meditate a lot during that time, although I do have to volunteer for two segments for The Art League of Germantown during the same period. Hopefully that will just be fun and then done. Whew. I’ll wonder what hit me and rest for a week, right? Ahh!

Still serious rain again today, so no walk for us, and Chipper has been sick overnight, so he and Jason are on the mend as well. Hoping for three sunny days starting tomorrow. We would be blessed to see the Sun again. That’s how long it’s been.

Well, time to rest me. Very tired and fragmented, but ready to snuggle in …



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