Vietnam Jungle II – I

DSC_4915I had lots of Neutral Gray straight out of the tube and a lighter pale gray/grey mixed up from detailing Vietnam Jungle I in the end, so I didn’t want to waste that, eh? So I started  with the rather stormy jungle sky of this one. The lower section is rather ancien, whereas the upper section is more deco. Or Southwest minimal, or ? in code.

Who can say?

Then I painted with limes, then Red Oxide, then a mix of Sap Green and Chrome Green to make a mid-green to the darkest Sap Green I will be using.

I’ve been having lots of flashbacks of the yellow playhouse from primary and elementary school years. A lot of “lost” time there now being “found.”

Hard to explain but like visions coming back. ?

But worse. Like me having flashbacks and dropouts/dissociations in the yellow playhouse. Not being able to tell the secrets to anyone then, but “losing” time at that age. My father gave me a recorder to record my spoken poetry, stories and plays, songs and whatnot that came along with the flashbacks, but I was too shy/scared to record.

It was a wonderful yellow, egg yellow with a silver gray front porch, white edging at the windows and trim.

Gray floor. Sturdy, open windows. I think I had different sets of curtains over the years, one with bears on it, some sort of rhyme we made up about it.

Table, two chairs, my “refrigerator”, bassinette on another table, and my dolls I would bring outside for the day. sss

See how vivid. There were daylilies outside for the longest, and a beautiful garden row and vegetable garden after that. For some time simultaneously, and fruit trees. Paradise. (Heaven on Earth, right? sshhh not supposed to say THAT …)

any way

lovely place to be in Summer once I / we got the wasps to leave the wasps’ nest near the FRONT door. But you see you had to open the front door to get in to get them and THERE’s the rub. It was a scary start to every Summer that I don’t think the adults really understood because it was always MY test to overcome.

Hell on Earth — shhh


Hey speaking of which — Get some common sense Congress and vote a clean budget already – Gah! stop waving old flags and making racist statements and avert a world economic default — what would Benjamin Franklin do? WWBFD?

can you live with that on your conscience?

The Sun is out again and Chipper and I had a wonderful walk this morning. The dew was spread absolutely perfectly on the blades of grass and no painter could have done it better. (or should even try!) (just kidding!)

Nature is thriving where she is allowed to and is beautiful beyond comparison this year as always. The colors, I guess for me as a painter, but truly to everyone who loves color and who doesn’t? are so amazingly subtle and tiered, contrasting with the green, and then add the reflection of the Sun on dew or … light through colored leaves — or on colored leaves on bright green grass — contrasted with the gray/grey (gris gris) sidewalk? we are blessed with a naturally beautiful world.

Now somehow somehow, through zoning or historic preservation or … ? … tourism that is centuries old or … monarchies who kept their homes clean and tidy for centuries and thousands of years — ? see — Europe and centuries old countries with Nature intact in parkland or natural territories have lucked out when it comes to have avoided the strip mall — note you aforementioned countries — stop there! don’t bespoil your lands! you’ve got it down right!

now obviously i’m not a fan of the strip mall.

First the name. Really. I understand it could be like a strip of tape. or a stripe. Yes. I get it but the first think I think of is stripper. I’m sorry. and then mall obviously shopping.

I’d actually like to get back a lot of those trees, thank you. Strip trees.

I’d like to plant community gardens for youth afternoon activity programs during the Summer and school lunch programs during the Winter. Somehow. In current strip malls where they made too many parking spaces.

And go commuter rail instead.

But that’s just me.

I liked the Disney Monorail when I was a kid and was astounded that it didn’t exist outsid the park!

Solar energy was going to be my science project in the 7th grade but instead I made an electric motor out of … some random stuff out of a book experiment we found. It was way cool and I placed and went to state. But I wanted to build a solar panel really badly so I was kind of underwhelmed still. Silly me. Bah.

gosh I’m chatty today


well, I better go …

Take care and have a lovely rest of the daye! 🙂



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