Vietnam Jungle II – II

DSC_4923Here I’ve added a mid-lime layer of foliage to the mid-section of the painting and a bit to the wee island that is below. Then today I mixed up a new supposed to be mid-green but which turned out to be rather … dark. I used three greens, some black and yellow. Hmm. It’s lovely, and it is still not as very very dark as the Sap Green. We shall see. I can always brighten with lime sections as I go forward, but I must … go … forward. Hee.

Was so very tired and very achey this morning that I went back to bed. Yes, one of those days.

Overnight my left hip bursitis ran down to my knee and woke me up countless times. I have run out of the muscle relaxant and finally now have called it in. You know it may have had something to do with these spazzes I’ve been having here and there in my left shoulder blade and right hip. ARgh. So now at least it’s called in.

I also need to fast to get some regular cholesterol and anemia bloodwork done, maybe Friday am, and tomorrow at eleven am I have an appointment with the hematologist to check my Iron and B12 levels.

And then on Friday at noon, counseling. It has been working okay not going but one time a week. I first of all, silly me, am glad for the time off. Secondly, it literally gives me room to breathe mentally and emotionally, to catch my breath and apply what she has been telling me for years, to get my footing as it were. I like that, although it was very hard at first.

Now the additional Prozac is helping, but I’m still a mess of fragments and emotional bits with a disgruntled core yet. I am somewhat more at ease and restful due to the Prozac increase and I am most grateful to not be literally depressed. Most grateful to be functioning. But it is touch and go, meaning, I still feel on the edge of everything that I am. And what does that mean? It is a mask, a numbing. I can tell is a covering up of symptoms, and it feels like a covering, a thin covering over a storm, like a thin cloud cover. I still feel the storm underneath, yet I live above the storm, like airplanes are able to fly above tornados and such.

I’m not complaining; I’m explaining. And I’m grateful.

It’s good.

Had a marathon of Iron and Wine today, as I did yesterday. Amazing …

Am so very proud of the Senate for coming through for our country and our world and … saving the DAY and the WORLD for us. Now everyone please vote appropriately in the Congress and let’s get ‘er done! Okay? That is all I have to say at this time about that.

And with that … I rest me … still very tired … đŸ™‚


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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