Vietnam Jungle II – III

DSC_4927Now since you’ve last seen the painting, namely today, I’ve brushed in more of the island in front … and a bit of its reflection, with the itty brush.

I’ve also been at the varying dark greens and a Chrome Green mix which doesn’t actually look so standard now that I see it next to the darker greens.

I’m liking how things are fleshing out … but I will still need to make one or two more green mixes …

Everything is fine with the hematology and the counseling went well yesterday, too.

My back, however, is hurting lots. And the flashbacks are now surrounding a particular neighbor child’s birthday party where I got upset at the Vietnam War footage and had to walk home. Sick, but more upset than sick. And how weird to walk home so upset. A few other children came in to see the footage with me at the party before the adults changed the channel and basically sent me home. It’s kind of like I got thrown out of the birthday party, but not. I really did get upset and did NOT feel like playing games. Nothing like a war to ruin your party for you. Bah.

So that’s what it was like, I guess, right?


Like, second or third grade, I think.

But I’m flashing on it over and over. So, it will be a while before it goes away.

Also, on a positive note, am reading a new book! My counselor suggested it, and I think I already mentioned it.

That link would be: The Five Things We Cannot Change, by David Richo. I’m only on page 13 and I’m quite amazed to have learned a great deal, and AFFIRMED much, already. Yay.

For example, Grace. Grace is something divine inside you that kicks in (well, perhaps more gently, but definitely STRONGly), when you feel as though you can’t go on anymore. Take another step, another breath. That sort of thing. Courage, my dear. Grace. I’ve wondered what it was called. A flame sort of thing that was spared, a watery kind of substance that survived inside of me despite the abuses, and keeps me strong in spite of everything. Keeps me going, smiling.

Oh that would be the Prozac, you say. and you would be right. That can be our little joke. But really, truth to nails, put to the test, I survived. I survive. I am like the Energizer Bunny.

Kind of. I have lots of help.

Any way … it’s a great book.

I keep wanting to Tweet from it like every other sentence. It’s very positive and affirming, not to be redundant, but it is.

Now to rest. For the second time today. 🙂

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