Vietnam Jungle II – IV

DSC_4928A great deal of change since last posting, indeede … most notably the depth of the green foreground reflection. That was made with the dark green mix I made because it goes down in a matte way in one layer, thank you. The Sap Green, is quite nice in color, but does not.

I’ve also been working in the middle left bright section, considerably, and there is a lot of detailed brushwork there. Then, there is detail in the dark green to the right and the left.

A lot of physical and emotional pain lately, which is why I haven’t posted. You might have guessed, eh? Sorry for not posting …

We did go to the Social Security Administration yesterday morning for a few hours … with some good degree of success, but these things do taketh the time.

I did read a great deal in the Five Things We Cannot Change, truth be told, to the lovely background music there, and was comforted thusly. I’ll be damned if I’ve never been the type to regurgitate, for tests and whatnot, but am the type to absorb and live out, you know? However, I do continue to recommend the book right and left. Heh.

The weather is delightfully and charmingly cool and the colors have tipped to oranges and reds. I allow Chipper all the time he wants to nudge and delve into the smells of Autumn. And why not. Life is short. I cherish him, and the time. The walks are good for us both.

I had to pull out the box, a rather largish one, I must admit, of scarves, from the closet, just now. I wasn’t able last year, or this, to find any of my scarves, blindly and I was not going to go through that again this year. So, now they’re out where I can see them, beneath the window by the bed. Silly? Perhaps. I am a scarf and bangle collector, unabashedly. I love the way scarves wave in the wind and add color and texture, give me something to play with, and the way my hair, long, used to wave in the wind. Skirts, I used to wear, etc. Enormous possibilities and oh, how I do love the scarf in the doldrums of Winter.

I do find that the bangle is somewhat lost in the sleeves of Winter, however, whereas in Summer it is found in the freedom. It is only in the unlayering, in the home, in the cafe, as it were, that one finds the hidden bangle, the flash of fun, the sparkle. Pins are more fun in Winter, hence the scarf is more practique, n’est ce pas?

Well, I am done for the day, at three. I have to rest. So much pain, in the back and now the left shoulderblade. Not sure what I did there, but for the past two weeks, some serious owwy. ? So I’m to remember to walk Chipper with the right hand.

Emotionally I’m quite dissociated and stressed. When I went to the dermatologist on Monday, I was enormously spaced walking back to the car after the appointment and was extremely relieved to be only five minutes from home. I felt very fragile. I still do. Resting usually helps me recharge my emotional immune system as it were, and counseling is tomorrow instead of Friday, changed up this week. Blood work for the PCP in the am, fasting, so a bit of a stressed day, for me. It only takes a little bit of change for my system to stress.

So, to bed, to watch the Sun and leaf patterns trickle through the blinds. 🙂


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