Vietnam Jungle II – V

DSC_4932It’s really fleshing out now … I added Sap Green to the edge of the big island, Chrome Green in three or four places, then the dark green mix to two or three. It’s hard to remember, honestly? hee … but she’s coming along, yes? Now to the lower reflections I will be adding striations because they are too matte now, just so as you know …

Gave blood for the PCP this am and also had the counseling. Long day, as it were, and I ache … I told Jason it’s really weird to be aching sharply in 4-5 places and the Percocet doesn’t really make a dent in it anymore. He understands for he aches in just as many places now, and takes nothing.

We’re not that old, even.

Not sure what to do with my shoulder blade. Ice it tonight and see if that helps. Hate ice. Cold on me. Love cold weather, but not cold on me. Oh well, must be done, I suppose. Could help.

Headaches lately, too. Bah.

Need a massage in the worst way. Soon enough, eh?

The first monthly payment from disability should be here in late November and the lump sum, some time in December? January? The attorney did call to try and expedite …

Today in counseling we talked about Vietnam mostly — how extensively I was aware of it until I was ten years old when it ended — 1964-1974. How aware I was of WWII and the Civil War as well, and then the Cold War. Me at parties in college going, you all, why, I mean, talk about something real, why don’t you? It was weird knowing so much about the world and most people not. Oh well.

So the book is all about how reconciliation is better than war, and Hitler could have been sent to a monastery to be reformed.

Hard to stomach that. Even for me. Me. Not like I’m some saint or something but I really don’t like him. AT ALL. Well, and not only that, do I have any HOPE that reform would work for Hitler, a Hitler? I mean, really. Where does naivete come in for reconciliation? Some people, are just, bad. Right? For whatever reason, and need to be cordoned off, permanently. Hmmm.

See. I may be disagreeing with the book here. Hitler is an extreme. Hitler may not be able to become a Buddha in the end. What do you think? From one extreme to the other? Ida know. It’s nice to think that maybe he would have, exposed to the right monks and stuff, but … I think he stays in the monastery for life and doesn’t get out for life … I don’t want him out of there.

Let him keep meditating on his crimes for the rest of his life but don’t let him  out, please. Like Charles Manson. No, thank you. Keep him in there.

I mean, the book is all, things we cannot change, on the one hand, that people aren’t always nice, but yet, it begs us to reconcile. Hmm. I have to keep reading.

So, you all, my birthday is coming up … on Saturday! I’m hoping that we can take Chipper out to the Monocacy Aqueduct for an adventure of sniffing beyond belief. A very short one, no doubt, since we’re all hurting, well, except Chipper. But that sounds delightful. Eh? and then Sunday we go see Jason’s family at an Indian restaurant in Alexandria to celebrate. Yay! So, I’m excited !!

Woo! 49 years old … no wonder I’m feeling the achies — hee — but I’m also feeling a bit joyful — this weather is awesome — almost like snow today in the air!

well, take care, and I’ll talk with you soon ! 🙂


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